Monday, July 17, 2006

They Say There's A Stock Market, But My GrandPappy Says If You Can't Touch It, You Can't F*ck It

Solid read here in the Washington Post, about negroes taking their money out the stock market.
The percentage of higher-income African Americans with stock investments is trending downward, from a high of 74 percent in 2002 to 64 percent this year. The proportion of higher-income whites with stock investments stands at 83 percent, virtually unchanged since the first year of the jointly sponsored survey, 1998.
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You don't really learn about the market in school. At least I didn't, and I went to fancy-schmancy schools. I think it's more of a family thing. A lifestyle, like Entourage, but not as fun and sensational ... unless you're in the know. Only generations of influence could inspire people to read the Wall Street Journal of their own volition.


So, it would figure that higher-income African Americans are also newly higher-income African Americans. And perhaps they read the WSJ, but there's still a nagging in the back of the head, a lynched negro hanging from a tree telling them that anyday now an old white man is going to bust into their house and say, "HAHA! We got you ni**a!!! Suckers. Just colored suckers, all of you!! *pulls out three fruity lollipops for ironic effect* You fell for the old 'buy & hold' Melanin-Man. Sheeeit, that's the oldest caucasian-con in the book. You give us your money, and we'll hold it for ya. HAHAHA!!! Well back to poverty with you negro. Black Tuesday bitches. Dems the breaks. You read the fine print. 'Past history is no guarantee of future results.' Game over son. Yeah that's right, we're gonna continue to appropriate the cool slang from your culture too ... SON! All us caucasoids are gonna split up your money. Here's a 'Ken Lay Is Still Alive' t-shirt for your trouble."

And thus you get:
"Black investors have focused on real estate and have not incorporated the stock market to the same degree as their white counterparts," said Lisa Toppin, director of human resources and diversity programs for Schwab.
You can take my HD, but you can't take my home. Hard to argue with that logic. We can only hope time continues on and we learn that Ashton "Jim Crow" Kutcher is not going to Punk us for our savings/legacy.

Race Savings Gap [Washington Post]
(thanks for the cartoon)


  1. hmmm... and what about the poor whites, huh?? Specifically, poor white girls with enough school debt to drown in. What about THAT demographic?
    When you don't have enough money to "invest" (HA!) in the market OR real estate, what then? The injustice!

  2. Anonymous7/18/2006

    great find TAN. i have a grandfather and we have this conversation all the time. he hasn't told me about thel ynched negro talking to him ... but, he's definitely afraid of people taking his money. but he trusts the bank.

  3. like chris rock said, there's rich, and then there's wealthy.

  4. they talk about the dip happening in '03-04 ... right around when Enron and Co. was blowing up. What's funny is that they're pulling out the market, but then those types of scandals mess up a pension also. So there's no escape. in which cae you might as well place your bets in the investment with more upside.

  5. Well, I think investing in real estate is the way to go so that seems a lot ore intelligent and wise that playing with stock market. Which is just fancyshmancy gambling.

  6. On title alone I love this post. Must you always be so clever, TAN? Must you?

    Coming from a family of higher-income negroes (which sadly hasn't trickled down to me) some of whom lost a lot of their retirement post-Enron, I've definitely been taught to save (I got a savings account for my 8th birthday) invest widely (I got money for a mututal fund for my 19th birthday but used the cash to pay rent and electric) and diversify and always lean toward real estate.

    And I'll do just that, as soon as my play does gangbusters on Broadway and I have more than $40 to invest. Make that $2.16, cell phone bill's due.

  7. Anonymous7/26/2006

    TAN,as always, you are the man. As a semi-middle class Negro my own self, thanks for pointing this out. It ain't gonna make the WSJ pages. Where'd you go to school anyway? Was the fancy schmancy Choatey or Cambridged? Love you show either way.

  8. Anonymous12/15/2007

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