Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Melting Pot ... Without The Melting

"Just White" Marriott Hotels has thrown the gauntlet down against hip hop. For Klansmen looking to get away, we have just the spot where you can live comfortably, naturally, and far away from "posturing" hippity-hoppity negroes.

Spotted by Copyranter. I left more of my comments on his post.

Here's the ad:

If they ran the ad with negroes I probably wouldn't get mad. But they didn't, soooo who's party crashing???

R&R - R&B = JW Marriott
Why "Hip Hop" Needs To Rebrand [TAN]
Kill The White People [TAN]


  1. between Oprah and the rest, is Hip Hop under siege? Is this all out war? Do we need to get NWA back together?

  2. No muthafuffin' way! Hahaha - that couple looks miserable!

  3. I want to rub piss and semen all over their faces.

    yeah. I think that statement sums it all up--the Marriott folks will surely be all ears NOW....JUST SAYIN'!!!!!

  4. you're such a race-baiter TAN. more anti music than anti black. though i agree, black people in the ad would have helped.

    I do need a vaction though. Maybe I'll go Hilton.

  5. granted the language is a little colorful. but I don't think they were plannign to take my call anyways. and if this sparks the Great Hip Hop Wars, my word choice will be inconsequential. so either way P&S should be ok.

  6. questionable ad, for sure. I guess Kanye West, Jay-Z, and friends won't be shacking up there anytime soon

  7. Anonymous7/18/2006

    I'm down to party crash, but can we lose the guy and keep the girl.

  8. Anonymous7/18/2006

    We definitely need NWA

  9. no, dead prez is the new NWA/Public Enemy

    "it's bigger than Hip ... Hop."

  10. Puh-lease ... a klansman could never afford this hotel.

  11. Hmm...I thought this wa ss atire...like the amnesty international ads looking like JCrew but with mk47's. No?

    If it's real it's such an incredibly stupid ad, it doesn't even make sense.

    actually it's just plain making me angry.

    please please tell me it's a spoof.

  12. I find absolutely nothing wrong with that ad. My opinion is that it's a response to the trend in the world today;hip hop driving our popular culture. Where the Palms hotel is on MTV, sponsoring parties, where Donald Trump tries his best to "be cool" by hanging out with Russell Simmons, and Diddy. Those hotel owners are trying to make nice with these bastions of popular culture, not so much because they really like the music/culture, but because they like the popularity, and the need to fit in with this hip culture, and the assumption that it will fatten their wallets. Marriot is saying, we are alright, even if Diddy doesn't stay at one of our shacks. We are alright if MTV doesn't host a spring break from our pools. We are alright, even without the hip, created by the hop. In a way it's a positive for hip hop, because it shows they recognize it's dominance in popular culture, and are doing everything possible to survive, in a world where their hotels are not seen as cool (and they know this).

  13. Anonymous7/20/2006

    ^^^^^I dont get that Rune. Can you expand a little more.

    This ad is a postive for hip-hop?

  14. Anonymous7/28/2006

    Any man who lets a culture, HipHop, Klan or otherwise, define him as a man is just a puppet to that culture. Whose hand is up YOUR ass?

  15. American5/22/2007

    Anonymous, looks like you are talking out the side of your neck! You--and everyone who assumes HIP-HOP=Black person! You think Blacks claim everything that is not mainstream to be their invention? You are being the puppet by taking offense. Here in the southwest Hip-Hop is a form of music, not a class of people. How about a self-esteem check.

  16. Anonymous6/13/2007

    I know this a year old post, but I had to say something. To say hip hop is not an invention of black people is like saying the sky isnt blue. Hip hop may not necessarily = black person, but it certaintly = black culture at its roots,its core fanbase, and participants.


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