Thursday, July 20, 2006

N Double A See Who?

After ignoring invitations every year of his presidency until now, President Bush, the black people's champion, was able to take a reprieve from being the worst president ever, to address the annual NAACP convention. Here were some of the more insightful quotes from the first time caller, long time ignorer of WBLK:
"I understand that racism still lingers in America"

"And I understand that many African-Americans distrust my political party."

"For too long, my party wrote off the African-American vote, and many African-Americans wrote off the Republican Party."

"For nearly 200 years, our nation failed the test of extending the blessings of liberty to African-Americans. Slavery was legal for nearly 100 years, and discrimination legal in many places for nearly 100 years more."

"There is no greater joy than to state the obvious, to repeat for someone else that which is in front of both of you."

Maybe this guy's not so dumb after all ...

Bush acknowledges racism still exists
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  1. I heard it was a pretty good speech. Just gotta say though, that AP headline was a really passive-aggressive dig. Found that kind of tacky.

  2. i love that pic TAN.

    what more is there to say about our president really. we just have to ride it out.

  3. This really is a lose-lose for G-Dub, though. If he goes, he gets ridiculed by an audience that has already decided they don't like him before he even opens his mouth. If he doesn't go, he is ridiculed in the media for not going. I am not his biggest fan, but sometimes it seems like the guy just can't win.

  4. That picture is hilarious. Dade, I read the speech transcript, it seems like it went well surprisingly. No way to really tell without actually watching the video, though.

  5. Ahhh, but he can win ... when it counts.

  6. I don't know about that last quote of his--seems ambiguous...what exactly was he trying to say with "there is no greater joy than to state the obvious"

    There is no greater joy than to state that racism still exists??? What?

  7. white dade - I don't think it's so much they've decided to hate him before he's opened his mouth as much as he keeps proving that Kanye was right. It's kinda hard to embrace that.

    But I'm sure his visit (and today's renewal of the Voting Rights Act) was born out of goodwill and a need to build bridges. Probably nothing to do with a bit of politicking before the mid-term elections.

    I'm going to agree with choatey (sarah) about just riding it out. I'm bored of being astonished at his cock-ups anyway.

  8. Once he announced that he was going to India, a bunch of my relatives were immediately turned republican. One speech doesn't change shit.

  9. Someone told me he said that Black people have been ignored since Abraham I'm not sure who told me this and I didn't bother to fact check, but it sounds like some ignorant sh*t he would say. This country wants to love Bush so bad, please don't fall for his BS. He's an idiot and his IQ will get no higher, we need to stop hoping it will. While I'm on the subject, why is everyone so impressed when he gets caught cussing? People act like he's some lovable f*ck up with the "That's Our Bush!" mentality every time he does something crass, ignorant, rude, evil, or DUMB. How can you run a country if a pretzel can whip your ass? BTW, I just found this site today and I love it.

  10. Anonymous7/24/2006

    would have e-mailed this to you, but this seems like something right up your alley: Hip Hop Liturgies

  11. what irritates me is that he implies that slavery has only been affecting African Americans for 100 years, sure the United States was established in 1776, but the first slaves were brought to this country in 1619, according to Wikipedia's history of American slavery


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