Wednesday, June 27, 2007

SoHo Knows: Are You Getting An iPhone?

The iphone is coming! The iphone is coming!! Lock your doors. Stock up on water and canned goods. The iphone is coming!!!

First Responders [Gawker]


  1. No. I don't even know how to take the messages off my cell phone.

  2. lol stupid iphones...just one more expensive piece of junk to remind us of the time, energy and resources we waste

  3. kcorner wants an iphone bad!

  4. No. I don't text message or pix message or surf the web on my current phone. I'm not a fan of those small screens. But if someone gave one to me and paid the monstrous bill...

  5. Really couldn't be less excited about it. Maybe if it cost as much as a regular phone or not insanely more and let me keep my provider, but till then no iphone for me.

  6. Anonymous6/27/2007

    too bad the cingular network sucks!!


  8. I just can't see my fingers having the dexterity to type without keys. Trying to navigate on the Treo sans Stylus is rough enough.

  9. Anonymous6/27/2007

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  12. Anonymous6/28/2007

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  13. Yeah one more thing that will put hole on our pocket.

    -Stella Roy

  14. I happy with my Blackjack! My Hubby wants this phone. What a waste of money. Next month there will be something similar and way cheaper.

  15. Yeah, they might be gay but I still want one.


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