Monday, June 25, 2007

Dear TAN: I Hate Black People

I once started a neverending interview, but now we're switching to a "Dear TAN" feature. Send your questions/letters to theassimilatednegro [at] gmail [dot] com.

In this edition: Hate Mail!

Dear TAN,

Just read you Google Blog Page of the same name as your EMAIL Address.

Boy - did that ever open my eyes up, and confirm everything I ever though was true about the black race - but just wasn't completely sure


1. That after 5000 years of existence, the black race has accomplished absolutely ZERO. Africa still sells slaves to their own kind. And the current generation in America (which were never slaves) still bitch about 400 years ago. All this while their real fore-fathers in Africa are in a Living Hell. I don't see a massive relief effort in place by the Black Population of the USA to help. Too busy Rappin', Raping, Killing and Stealing.

2. By the way, the City that you consider your "Jewell of the South" -- New Orleans -- is getting back to normal. So at least you can be proud of that. Before Katrina, the Murder Rate was only 9 times more than New York. You will be happy to know that with only 1/2 the population there -- it has jumped to 12 times the Murder Rate of New York. Now that's what I call progress!! All of this while most of the black population is laid up in free hotels, waiting for the white man to rebuild his home -- that he was either too stupid to buy insurance for, too lazy to buy insurance for, or drank and gambled his insurance payment away. Don't see a mad rush of Black Volunteers from the USA helping. Only Bitching. Or rappin', or raping, or stealing, or killing. As usual.

3. Name me one REAL intelligent invention created by the Black Man. Maybe the Phone, the Train, the Plane, the Car, Electricity, Internet, the Light Bulb, a Cigarette Lighter, the Pen, the Pencil, the Baby Diaper, --do I need to go on for page after page. You haven't contributed ANYTHING to this Country or this Society. NOTTA!! My bad -- you have given us the following:

--The Boom Box
--Pigs Feet
--Full Jails
--Murders a Plenty
--Rapings a Plenty
--Robbings a Plenty
--Laziness a Plenty
--Sucking off the Government a Plenty
--Useless Rap Music that Poisons all Kids
--An NBA no one watches or cares about anymore
--Using your Race Card everytime you commit a crime
--Not policing up your own filthy streets from trash and crime.
--Talking like Animals. No one can understand your new Rap Language
--Acting Like Animals when you go overseas to embarrass this Country
--Sports Goof Steven A. Smith. Sounds like he has a 3d Grade Education
--Terrell Owens and Randy Moss. Talk about Class-Less Animals
--Louis Farrakan Worthless
--Jesse Jackson Worthless
--Al Sharpton Worthless
--Pac Man Jones Worthless
--O.J. Simpson Worthless x 10
--Crack Cocaine Dealers
--Children Carrying Machine Guns and Pistols
--Streets full of Beggars and Muggers
--Racism on your part against Mexicans, who actually want to earn thier check
--Homosexual Men at twice the rate of other Races
--Destroyed and Looted and Run-Down Cities Nationwide
--A Different Pagan Religion and Holiday -- KWAANZA. What a waste of time

4. Millions of children who don't have Fathers. Most of them because their mothers have slept with dozens of men to support their drug habit -- and they have no clue who their Father is. Ends up being mine and Uncle Sam's. What's the chances you Black Women can close your legs long enough to get a job to support a child that you actually PLAN?? My guess - ZERO.

5. Barak Obama. A devout Muslim running for President while we are fighting the Muslims in War. And Blacks World-Wide love him. Say what?? How friggin' stupid can you blacks be supporting a Muslim when their main mission is to destroy the United States and Israel. That means they WILL chop your worthless heads off too!! Man you dudes are ignorant. Will you ever wake up from your 5000 year sleep?

6. You Black Americans have it better than ANY other Blacks on the planet. Especially the real Africans (hint - not you). You don't live in Africa. So how can you be African-American? They earn about a Nickel a Day at best. You spend 5$ a day on the Lottery and $10 a day on Booze. When you gonna' help your fellow man in Africa. Until you do - I am sick of you even mentioning the word Africa. You can't fool anybody - you worthless, lazy slugs.

7. IN CLOSING -- It has become Crystal Clear to me now. When Cain killed Abel - God put a Curse AND a Mark on him - and shipped him off to the wilderness. The Curse was explained:

--You will toil all your life, but never have enough to eat. Your ground will be hard and you will struggle every generation without end Hungry and Thirsty.

--The Mark was not explained until now. It is the BLACK RACE. What other race produces nothing but Killing and Murder. Makes no meaningful contribution to Society. Always wants what someone else has - for free. That is the EXACT description of Cain in the Book of Genesis. And that is the EXACT description of the Black Race.

8. Thank you for opening my eyes!!



  1. Nothing about watermelons? The Grand Dragon is going to be verrrrry disappointed.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. There are plenty of inventions, accomplishments, and contributions that black people have made for this country. You should check your stats and facts.

    This is the problem with US (white americans): so ignorant and unintelligent. Tell me, hatred towards any other does that make you any different than the terrorist Muslims. BTW the "Muslims" are not trying to "destroy the United States and Israel". These are extremist groups that USE that religion to back what they do and give them a way to brainwash young men to sacrifice themselves for their cause. Just so you know, there are american citizens that have the same types of groups right here in the USA. I seriously doubt that GOD would want you to use his holy word to spread your hate. Oh...and I am a white man.

  4. lolita6/25/2007

    I'm always astonished at how ignorant americans are at how responsible they are for the state of the rest of the world, completely oblivious. This Chris guy obviously thinks that his government has no vested interest in making sure that Africa remains on its knees with its capitalist imperialism.
    That the war in eye-raq, as they insist on calling it, has nothing to do with muslims, but the oil rich lands of that region, lands that belong to its people that the US wants a piece of. That blood diamonds, oil, platinum mined in Africa lands up in the US.
    That the US is supposedly the best country to live in only at the cost of many other countries, just look at your neighbouring countries.
    And then this guy then has the audacity to quote the bible, how Christian of him, he might as well be an Afrikaans man quoting his damn NG Kerk (google it) liturgy in apartheid South Africa.

    It seems everyone in the US is ignorant, even people who come to "Africa" yes that one big continent of a country, are clueless, even the Oprah's of this world don't know.

    Chris has no idea, so his assumptions should be remain in the borders of the US, he like many, many of his counterparts who will probably vote for George Bush again, HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA, no idea how your damn politics effect the rest of the world.
    9/11 however wrong it might have been, was a reaction to something.
    I'd say that something is OPPRESSION. It always comes back to this one thing, oppression.

    1. Anonymous7/01/2012

      I can defintly say that he is NOT going to heaven. Unless he screws on his head again.

  5. Anonymous6/25/2007

    Hate mail is always fun to read. This guy sure is dedicated to hate!

  6. is this guy serious? *shakes head*

    in reply to cree8vgues--- I don't think it is so much that white people are ignorant and unintelligent as much as it is that white people have the same problems that this guy accuses black people of having. It's called White Trash.

    Just switch out Crack Cocaine Dealers with Heroin Dealers, Thugs with Rednecks, Rapists with... Rapists?!?! I have been in some trailer parks that scare the fuck out of me worse than any ghetto by far. I don't know .. the point is that this guy needs to look in the mirror. haha.


  7. A black guy must be banging his girlfriend.

  8. Wow,

    Someone let this dude out of the KKK time machine.

    Chris -- I'd wish ill on yer ignoramous ass, but, truth be told, I'm sure that with thinking that archaic (look it up in a dictionary Chris). you get EXACTLY what you deserve someday...


  9. Anonymous6/25/2007

    Hmm, I wonder if some black guy isn't banging you (marcie too for that matter).

  10. NOW it all makes sense, what an intelligent guy. Seriously, how could you take that much time out of your day to write that worthless hateful shit. Give me a break Chris.

    Keep on flowing TAN. Your blog is sweet.

  11. Is this guy for real? That was pretty telling...

    I just came across your blog for the first time. I'm a black female standup comedienne here in NYC.

    I gotta few rants up my sleeve, too!

    Check me out at my blog below...


  12. Anonymous6/25/2007

    Chris is either a troll, or an idiot. Come to think of it, same thing.

    As a white Christian (well, ok, lapsed Catholic, lol) I find it highly disgusting that he tries to hide behind the Bible in justifying his alleged hatred.

    Chris, if you really do think this way, you're in for one hell of a rude awakening when you come before the Lord to be judged. God is not hatred. God is love.

    But... there's another guy who's all about hatred. So stop high-fiving Satan with this bullshit, or else the two of you are going to become a lot better acquainted than you'd like.

  13. Dorritt6/25/2007

    That guy better hope God doesn't look like Morgan Freeman.

  14. wow. when someone takes that much time out of their day to not only READ the blog of someone they hate, but to write a whole dissertation of their ignorant, ill researched, unintelligent gotta wonder where the HATE part is.

    I'd say you have another fan. He'll be back to read this everyday. I suspect that was him posting anonymously even...

  15. Um, Chris, you forgot to list off all of YOUR myriad inventions. Was the ever-stylish wifebeater one of yours, by chance?

  16. Damn. I wish anybody cared enough about me to send hate mail like that.

  17. oh, also, I'm stealing that "letting the terrorists win thing." gotta do it.

  18. Wow. That there is some mighty fine hate. I almost want to lynch myself after reading that. But I will take solace in the knowledge that, if negroes have done nothing else, we've introduced white women to the concept of interracial dating.

  19. I found this blog listed as a favorite on a friend's blog. Sadly, I am not shocked by the comments, because I know that hate and ignorance are a disease that many people of all races suffer with. I do have one question for Chris? Have you ever traveled outside of the United States or for that matter outside of your hometown? Do you read? Have you graduated from high school or college? Have you ever had a friend that didn't look like you? When you can answer yes to any of this questions I encourage you to reread your comments and see if you feel the same way. Thank you TAN for posting this and allowing people to see the ignorance and fear of others.

  20. Anonymous6/25/2007




  21. I am not a Muslim, but believe that all human beings should tolerate any single religious, irrespective of whether they have one or don't have one. Tan said:

    "supporting a Muslim when their main mission is to destroy the United States and Israel."

    Here, you make a wide generalised statement about the Muslims intention to destroy the United States and Israel. I think this demonstrates a lack of education on the author of this post. Notably, Islam (the religion the Muslims follow) like Christianity is a religion that preaches love, tolerance and peace. However, I believe that you are associating Muslims and Islams with terrorist organisations such as al Qaida who are reportedly held responsible for the 9/11 acts and other infamous terrorist attacks against the U.S.A. It must be noted that Islam does not encourage any of these terror acts, however, this has been due to the ability of primary texts of Islam to be interpreted by 'extreme jurists'.

    It would help if you would not make any further wide generalisations such as this.

  22. Chris is back in custody. All is well.

  23. That was the most boring letter i ever read in my life. Who ever wrote it must have been on mushrooms and bootleg alcohol. I had to skim it then leave this message. Peace.

  24. I can't believe people like this still exist. Regarding white trash, it's only through the belittling of another group that the people who are really in power (and oppressing the poor no matter their race) can keep us from taking some of that exclusive, WASPish power away.

  25. Triphop6/26/2007

    Is that you Clayton Bigsby?! Its good to see you found work after the unfortunate cancelation of the Chapelle Show. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

    really sorry bout "breathin' up all the white man's air."

  26. Anonymous6/26/2007

    You are fu**ing stupid.

  27. Anonymous6/26/2007



  29. Anonymous6/26/2007

    So boring couldn't read after a few sentences.


  30. Wow. Just wow.

    From one thick mick w/a booze problem. Oh and lets add a cheap jew, a wine drinking fey fench dude, an english soccer hooligan and a russian who puts vodka on his breakfast cereal.

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  32. Guys like this are not aren't the problem. It's intelligent racists who pose the real problem. All this guy is doing is confusing working class/underclass black people with the whole race with afew half baked assumptions fed to him by the right wing media.
    I pity the fool.

  33. tehennapenna6/26/2007

    Spowf- TAN didn't write it. "It would help if you" read more closely. This was a copy of hate mail directed at TAN.

  34. how about some light hearted hate?

  35. Anonymous6/26/2007

    Spoof?! You couldn't make this stuff up! I think Chris should make it his mission to win a Darwin Award!

  36. Chris,

    It is unfortunate that it seems most of your understanding about Black people comes from the media. It is also unfortunate that the media continually focuses on the negative aspects of our race. As Black people we certainly have our problems. As no group is without problems. But to suggest that our negative contributions far out way our positive ones is not accurate.

    Instead giving you a list here of our positive contributions to America, I’ll instead point you to a book. Please read "Black Firsts: 2,000 Years of Extraordinary Achievement" by Jessie Carney Smith (1994) or "Black Pioneers of Science and Invention" by Louis Haber (1970) or "100 African-Americans Who Shaped American History" by Chrisanne Beckner (1995) to expand your thinking. They cover many of our contributions in the US.

    To illustrate how our perceptions are largely influenced by the media, I often ask people a question: “How many Black people do you think are in America?” Then I ask: “How many White people do you think are in America?” What is interesting is that people actually think these numbers are close. For your information, according to the US Census Bureau as of 2005, there were 34,962,569 Black people in the United States. However, there were 215,333,394 White people in the United States. What is interesting when you realize the numbers is that a group that represents only 16% has made such impact on Sports, Music, Academia, Politics, Business, Fashion and the Arts. Read the books above and you’ll learn about many of these accomplishments.

    I’ll leave you with one more misperception. If I said to you more White men had been to prison in 2001 than Black men, you would probably find that hard to believe. But here again I point you toward the actual numbers and away from the media.

    According to the US Census Bureau, 16.5 percent of Black men had been to prison in 2001. For White men that number was 2.7%. Now you might look at that and say, “See, I told you!”. But without knowing the base numbers you are deceived by the percentages. Rule: Always know the base number the percentage is based on. The Total number of Black men is 16,465,185. The total number of White men is 103,773,194. So, 16.5% of 16,465,185 is 2,716,756. Whereas 2.7% of 103,773,194 is 2,801,876. Got us by close to 100,000. Think about it.

    1. You failed to mention hip-hop, a grate impak on muzic gnome sayin? Ma beeches from da hood nose wat im talkin bout. I been makin babys since i was 12. Got 23 keeds but don haf ta pay no welfare cuz i be hidin out.

  37. This is a direct attack on black people.I bet this scavenger must be a white American asshole.The days when your great grannies raped,tortured and killed the black communities including their siblings are gone.But I tell you what,"if you believe that live and civilisation began in Africa and in the physics law which says that;anyuthing that goes up must come down" then not long from now,the world will change you goddamsonofabitch.

    1. My granpappy dint sleep wit no sow!

  38. Anonymous6/26/2007

    well the white race gave us the Nazis. They were the acme of all human evolution. We must thank the white race for that.

  39. I am absolutely amazed that people this ignorant are still around. It's sickening.

  40. Black inventions? Let's see, I'll have to think really hard about this: let's start with language, music, tools, carpentry, building, sport, marriage, agriculture, art, and trade. That's all I can come up with for now. I know it isn't much, but I gues we'll have to take what we can get.

  41. Man dude got some serious hate in in his heart... Everybody has htier porblem and its not a black white thing. But this right here is self hatered thing

  42. Lol, this is funny. Sorry to see people wasting thier time writing stuff like this...oh well! Life goes on.

  43. Anonymous6/26/2007

    Wow. That Chris...where to start?

    Moron, idiot, troll, racist? I still feel like none of those words are strong enough. Super idiot, maybe.

    8. Thank you for opening my eyes Chris!

  44. Anonymous6/26/2007

    Praise God that idiots can room the earth freely and I can keep living my life and enjoying being both of African descent and blessed to be an heir of a great race of people that contributed more to this nation than we'll ever get credit for. There would be no US, but for the contribution of OUR PEOPLE.

    God is love.

  45. man.. the comments this post generated are classic. i dunno play a violin or wave a flag (or burn one).

    "This is a direct attack on black people.I bet this scavenger must be a white American asshole."

    go team!


    ...second dumiest [sic] thing I've read today...

    what surprised me the most is that Chris didn't drop a single N-bomb. almost as if he didnt wanna "go there" during his expose of bigotry. weird.

  46. glad I missed out on the madness, it's just sad...

  47. richie rich6/27/2007

    it's a fact that their are more white people on aid than blacks and they are the number ones doing the serial killings chris you sound like you might be one up and coming.

  48. By no means do i agree with the blunt racial comments, but if you look at the points without the overtones, Chris does make a couple valid points. First, the problem in Africa
    with slavery is still ongoing and you
    don't see a massive relief effort coming from the black community. The
    biggest relief effort I know of is live 8 and that is Bono's concert I think Certainly not Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, the so called leaders of the African-Americans.
    Which brings me to the point of that labeling. If you are a LEGAL
    immigrant from Africa please by all means call yourself an African American but if you were BORN in America that makes you an AMERICAN.. not african-american not
    white/english/scottish/mexican/spanish/canadian - american an AMERICAN. Next, New Orleans, Tragedy yes, but as a taxpayer I/We should not have to pay for anybody s decision to live under sea level if it gets flooded (white/black/purple/brown yellow)
    The father CRISIS of this great country is a problem for all races.
    Statistics show that in the black race it is more likely to be born out of wedlock than in any other race. Thats a problem for all of us. The institution of the family has been broken down. The lack of marriage and POSITIVE role models for ALL children is a serious issue that needs to be addressed and corrected in this county. By now im sure you LABELED me a white guy,
    which i am, but I hope that people of all races can come together to fix that problems that we all encounter together. My last point is that we have to help ourselves before we can expect others to help
    us. The responsibility of blame rest within ourselves not others.

  49. almost 50 comments, TAN, good job!

  50. Holy crap - Chris managed to fit in just about every nasty, racist stereotype into one email!

    And yet, he's a Christian. Riiiiiight.

  51. Anonymous6/28/2007

    of course he is a white christian. u should see how these guys are in 'pagan' countries, just as bad if not worse.

  52. Anonymous6/28/2007

    I enjoyed reading the comments (some were real LOL) more than the hate post...especially "Chris is back in jail, all is well".

  53. A vary interesting post, I can't stop reading them. However it seems like you have no hope in your fellow blackman, I understand. There's a lot of crap out there that needs to be stopped but w as black men have try to change the image that is preset for us. We do have to help out in africa and we do have to clean up our music. So the best thing we can do for ourselves is get educated and try to sponsdor and help our black men in the ghettos our black woman on their backs and our black children on the streets. And I know it may be hard and easier said then done but we must make an attempt even if it's a failed one. That is the only way we can move forward

  54. Wow - All I've gotta say is Chris is my motivation to make sure 'each one teach one' and hopefully in a decade more black people will save, have father's (Like I had) and it will be 'Mother Africa" in the business news rather than India &'s a waste of time to try and 'debate' nutjobs like Chris and it's much more productive to take small or big steps to prove them wrong.

    Once again, I think I'll call this post MOTIVATION

  55. Anonymous6/29/2007

    You people can't "Debate" anyone, all the information you have is from the TV so all you can is expound your vast television knowledge and deep Oprah wisdom, or some Left wing college professor who wouldn't get a job in the real world, This guy Chris hit a nerve and you have been trained by the Jewish media to react like angry Bees...Funny shit..I can only hope any Whites amongst you are slaughtered but the beasts one day..."That will be soon as The US Is about to go into Financial freefall"...Gooday...

  56. IhatePIGS6/29/2007

    Hey, you pig, are you saying whites never commit crimes? You have white PIG pedophiles, murders, rapists, white collar criminals, etc. You people are just cowards about it. But we all know how truly evil white pigs are. You people sit at home and write on your little blogs about how you hate blacks, what a punk. Discuss this with actual blacks, face to face. Black people have contributed plenty, you uneducated pig.

  57. YouAreBeneathMe6/29/2007

    Hey, you pig, are you saying whites never commit crimes? You have white PIG pedophiles, murders, rapists, white collar criminals, etc. You people are just cowards about it. But we all know how truly evil white pigs are. You people sit at home and write on your little blogs about how you hate blacks, what a punk. Discuss this with actual blacks, face to face. Black people have contributed plenty, you uneducated pig. Search for black inventions!!!
    Since you hate the truth, I know you will just delete my comment.

  58. Racism is a mental illness. Most people agree that slavery was a "sick" thing done in a "sick" time by people who wanted to feel like God by using unspirited oppression and attacks on flesh. I believe people from all races are trying to get over that time. We have made strides but it is difficult and it shows in all aspects of our society. U.S. Africans were broken to a point that only God can fix. It's only a matter of time before our contributing light shines with the other lights of the earth. This time even stronger because your forced suffering has made you stronger.
    (A Message to Share With Anyone Who Believes)
    God has promised to Always keep you in remembrance
    And you will never be a slave nor will you ever be a slave again.

  59. People like you make me sick to my
    stomach, can also feel that pain in
    my heart. That is where the majority
    of truth lies is in the heart. I mean
    you act as if YOU invented racial
    hatred, not at all, that seed was
    planted long ago. As you surely know
    a seed will do its propagation most
    any-place it is planted.

  60. Anonymous6/29/2007

    It's absolutely unbelievable that people like Chris exist.

    And what's with the comments about Barack Obama? Don't you think if ALL Muslims wanted the US and Israel gone, it would be gone by now? And if he (Obama) became president, would Muslim countries like the US more if there was a Muslim in charge?

    Just a thought from Alexis, your atypical 13-year-old.

  61. Chris,

    FYI-Civilization and human origin started in the Motherland Africa.
    Why do you hate yourself?
    One Love One Life! Try to make your life, no matter how miserable it is, count for something. Hate, envy and negative energy returns to the sender.
    Wake up
    Queen Mother

  62. Amusing.

    Ah, such fools should never be allowed to exist.

    But then again, there are more fools out there who fail to READ properly.

    That was a hate mail directed at TAN, you nut cases.

    And if Chris was a fool, so were many others who went racist against whites.

    The incessant number of fools amazes me.

    You see, darlings. The dodo bird is not extinct. You see them everywhere.

    Haha, and thus the theory of reincarnation ;)

    ANYWAY, that was so out of point. I hope we learn from this.
    If you are stupid, shut your piehole :)


  63. Anonymous6/30/2007

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  64. sansanity6/30/2007

    As someone with a mental illness, I take real offense at Life Princess' statement:

    Racism is a mental illness.

    So if I don't like red grapes, apples or beets because of the color of their skin I am mentally ill? WTF?

    Chris does not have the creativity (in thought or presentation) to be a member of our elite ranks. He would so have to step his game up and add some aliens, pigeons who spy for the gov't or purple dancing dinosaurs to that woefully lacking little tirade.

    Chris' hate is simply a preference or choice we are all entitled to; everyone, if they dig deep and are honest, will find a "group" they do not like. Yours may be a very small segmented population of the earth's existence, but don't blame Chris because he lacks the creativity and brain power to come up with a good group to hate like bankrupt, bald biracial bipolar Baptist bisexual biker girls of Bharanian decent.

    I myself am an intellegist--I HATE stupid* people. I mean really, what have Chris and the other stupid people contributed to the world (besides the hilarity that ensues when they try to sound intelligent)?


    p.s. Chris, there was one other group who always wanted what someone else had and wanted it for free and left a wake of murder and killing in their trail. I'll give you a hint. They showed up unexpected and uninvited but were treated to a nice meal by the Indians, only to steal the Indian's land. They were too lazy to do their own work so they sailed around "hiring" foreign workers and then would not pay the workers the measly pension plan of 30 acres and a mule. Come on you know this one!

    And a little note for you since I know you missed this in school because it was covered way after 6th grade...

    Africa is a continent, not a country. Africans from various countries/tribes do not view themselves as kinsmen anymore than Americans and Canadians would view each other.

    The people Africans sold into slavery were the POWs from tribal wars, not their brothers and sisters. If there had been a tribe of Whites, Asians or Indians nearby, they would have kicked their asses and sold them too (but the white people first because y'all are easier to hit with a spear in the dark).

    *Stupid does not include people whose mental capacity is diminished do to a birth defect, physical disease or non-self-inflicted injury.

    1. Anonymous7/01/2012

      Honey, we talking about racsim about people, not food.

  65. Mahomet7/01/2007

    Notice, none of these comments actually address his points....funny huh? Probably because a great many of them grounded in fact. If I judged myself on the achievements of my race, or defined myself by race - and I were black - then I'd be very ashamed indeed.

  66. Wow. Hard to believe this guy is real... but I'm afraid he is... all I can say is this post sure makes me glad I'm not him. You'd have to be pretty miserable to have that much hate roiling around inside of you.

    As far as accomplishments, I could go on for quite some time (although why would we need to do that? do we need to justify anyone's race? wtf?), but that jerk wouldn't be thumpin' his white ass around to whatever completely shitty white music he listens to without the Black Man... because we owe our incredible history of jazz, blues and rock and roll to the incredible, numerous Black Men and Women who gave us that gift. That alone is worth more to me than almost any other thing anyone could have invented... but that's just me.

    T.A., I love that you are writing. I am white and I enjoy thinking about and discussing some of the things you write about here.

    Blog on, brothah.

  67. Anonymous7/02/2007

    This comment is left, specifically, for Chris (thanks for the motivation!).

    Pretty incredible stuff, Chris! Gee...I wonder how I could EVER have earned a BA (in Economics), an MBA (in International Business), and a PhD (in Strategic Management) while rapping, raping, killing, etc. Yeah, Chris! You guessed it: I am a BLACK man! Go figure. Your theoretical perspective is hereby refuted. Oh, let me add. I speak THREE languages (how about you?). I have lived in three countries on two different continents, and have visited 20 different countries (that includes ALL of Western Europe). I wonder if you've been to your homeland. If that wasn't enough, Chris, I have been a management consultant to agencies in the Federal Government and medium-sized multinationals in Italy and the UK. What is it I do now? You;d be wrong if you thought that I rap, rape, kill, etc. You'd be right if you answered that I work as a 6-figure (academic year; how much do you make, Chris?) while contributing to the evolution of SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE in my field. That's right, Chris. I PUBLISH empirical work. How about you? What is it you do for a living exactly? Let's see. What more can I tell you? Did you know that Jean Batiste Du Sable (a darkie) "invented" Chicago? Did you know that Dr. Charles Drew (another darkie) "invented" blood transfusions? Did you know that Dr. Ben Carson (yet, another darkie) "invented" successful heart transplants? Did you know that Aleksander Pushkin was given life by an Ethiopian grandfather? Nah! You don't even know who Pushkin is...oh wait, did you know that Aesop instructed some of your favorite Greek philosophers? Nah...too busy watching South Park. Note: Mediterraneans are neither Anglo nor Saxons! They share more in common with darkies than they do with you. Where does that leave your greatest of inventions? Greek philosophy.

    I hate to awaken you to the stark reality that you are an idiot, my friend. But, you may as well learn at some point. Something tells me that you were relatively ignorant of the facts that I laid in your lap. Let me guess, if you will, at what it is that fuels your ignorance. It's not only that you are angry (probably lost your girlfriend to rappin', rapin' kilin' darkie, right?). Worse, your ethnocentricism blinds you to reality: you are bested by a number of black folks. Not only can you not run or jump (note: this is an assumption that I feel safe in making), but your grammar is quite poor! Are you in college now Chris? Please be sure to attend class regularly. With industry and conviction you too may excel. You may never earn a PhD. But, with luck, you may graduate with a BA or BS. I jest! It is only open minds that allow new information to reframe an individual's cognition (look it up, Chris!). You simply are not capable.

    In the meantime, rest assured that the darkies that you hate so much will continue to pass you by. What's truly unfortunate (to you, that is) is that it is apparent that your limited world view is shaped by the 5 hours of television that you MUST watch daily (plus, 2 hours of gaming). Liberation exists my friend. One need only leave his backwater to realize that enlightenment is available.

    Good luck in your quest for reason, sir. Something tells me that you will need it!

  68. Anonymous7/03/2007

    I find this person's sweeping generalizations of black Americans (not to mention Muslims and Africans) to be extremely offensive and uninformed, but...where in this letter does it say that this person is white? Or a man? I'm not seeing it. Not to be a hate-party-pooper, but the name "Chris" could be a woman's name. Don't assume that they are, because we all know what happens when you make assumptions...

  69. Anonymous7/04/2007

    Woah. this dude has NO LIFE...I never thought I'd see the day. Chris - No one cares what u have to say! go get yourself a history book and when you know the facts you can come back and debate with us.

    It's cos he's got his gay father up his ass all day, clouds his judgement. Don't blame him, it's not his fault he's being abused at home.

  70. Roy Rudesauce7/04/2007

    This website is pretty good satire!

    For a moment I almost thought it was authored by an ACTUAL nerd suburban mulatto!

  71. Anonymous7/05/2007

    Wow is the only word that could come to my mind after reading Chris's message. It's sad that many Americans still think the same way he does but I would like him to know that not all blacks match that stereotype. For one thing, I am a 16 year old honor student with OVER a 4.0 gpa and what does he have to show?

  72. Reggie, the black kid with good credit said...

    that is the most comical username i think i've ever seen... you sir, are an exception.

    honestly, i am so glad that now i am at income level, having worked my ass off for years, that i dont have to live around blacks.

    nor do i have to work around them.

    not that my co-workers and i see everything eye to eye, but at least we understand what each other has to say.

    life is good.

  73. Good article, you make some interesting points.

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  74. Anonymous7/06/2007

    Obama is not Muslim. According to his website:

    His wife, Michelle, and his two daughters, Malia, 9, and Sasha, 6, live on Chicago's South Side where they attend Trinity United Church of Christ.

    Just thought I'd add this because - the statement was odd - though fitting for this blatantly misinformed rant.

  75. Anonymous7/06/2007

    DO YOU NOT SEE?.. THEY ARE THAT WAY!! I'm a waitress... I am Guatemalan, and I DO notice how they are.. They are such horrible people! Not all of them.. but.. many of them. They are so rude! and no.. you cant understand what they say!! And.. they are SO mean! they think we owe them something.. it's just horrible! Chris might have sounded a bit racist.. but i get his point. THANK GOD FOR HAVING SOMEONE UNDERSTAND ME!!!

  76. LMFAO@ Chrismight have sounded abit racist? Yeah, nd Bundy wasn't a very good date either.No one would go out with him twice.
    I like the CHris's ofthis world- they make all of us instantly more intellectual sounding- even my dog's turds.

  77. Anonymous7/15/2007

    First off, I would like to say that I agree with SOME of the things that Chris is saying, though not all. I truly feel that there are a majority of blacks out there who do nothing but rob, cheat, steal, and take drugs. I live in a ghetto neighborhood, please trust me, and I went to the local police station one day only to be informed that in one night, there were NINE homicides. However, I do not blame it all on blacks. I feel that the government needs to step it up, needs to crank out better schools, better teachers, better choices for these people. It feels like a vicious cycle to me, one that is so hard to stop because these crackhead mamas have kids that they can't take care of... Who know nothing of family ties, and try to be "cool" by robbing people, whether it be in the streets or in their own homes. However, I am NOT a racist at any means. I have met an abundant of black people, in which I get along with quite well. They, however, come from strong family backgrounds, and that is what these CROOKS need, OF ALL ETHNICITIES, a good, moral, and strong background.

    The fact is, we are all the same. We all have a heart, a head, two arms, four moving fingers and a thumb... I know it sound stupid to list all these similarities, but what is even more dumb is to judge and stereotype by race. But even though I know this, I look around my neighborhood, at all these ghetto gangbangers, and think, Lord, these people need help (and I need to move)

  78. Anonymous7/18/2007

    Hey chris I just wrote a new rap wanna hear it, okay fine it goes like this / I once knew a dude by the name of chris went on the net to write hate shit but since he cant rap and his blog is crap mad cause he broke and..............ah forget it chris eat a dick.

  79. Anonymous7/19/2007

    The amount of racist ignorance I see on the internet is astounding. White people kill, rape, maim, and use drugs too. Clearly, blacks do not have the industry locked on that. Chris is too busy watching NASCAR and smoking crystal meth in his trailer park to realize that.

    And to the Guatemalan waitress, Black people don't anything from your broke ass. That's why the best you could aspire to in life is to wait tables your ignorant bitch.

  80. Anonymous7/22/2007

    LOL...I really liked that quote about Mexicans....very true. And hmmm well it's maybe a shame for me to say this, but some stuff that this guy said is right, and well other stuff...ok is not thar right, but let me tell you something to all people complaining here: Why do you get that angry over this? If you read this article and you know that you are not like that there is not reason to get mad. I know not all black people are like that, I got 2 friends, one from Africa and one from Jamica, they are very smart and succesful people,and they would never say a bad word or insult to anoter person, even if that person is the worst black hater. They know how to keep cool, and don't take those comments to heart, and that's very very smart, because they have told me that getting angry and insulting back is what creates even more hate, and problems, and It's also a matter of pride. That's exactly the way I think too and I was very happy that there is people that thik that way too. They even made me change my mind whenb I was confused, because my mother, friends and I have been bullied by black people several times, my mom even got sick, my friends really scared, and I got very angry, becase black people also discriminate. My mother is white but is not even American, she doesn't even speak good English to even say something bad to them, and yet they bully her, telling her stuff about her being white. Believe me this situation is really bad, I got very depressed because one of my friends was black and I helped her a lot when she came to school, then she started to hang out with some other black people and she changed completely, she told me a lot of bad stuff about my race, and even tried to hit me just becuse of that. I was very confused, what did I ever do to her? For this reason I had to change my ways too, I won't tolerate this, and became way more agressive to defend myself and my family, even tough is something bad to do. But these two black friends I mentioned before, really made me reconsider, they didn't tell me to do it, I know them since a long time, and we help each other, and that's because they don't hate back. We all do something to survive, be happy and successful, and even tough we were raised in poor families, and know what suffereing, and being hungry is, we are proud to show the world that EVERY PERSON CAN BE SUCCESSFUL TOO, It only takes to work hard, even if our schools were poor, and there were no seats, and sometimes we got home, and there was nothing to eat, we managed to work hard no matter what other pesimist people said, even our parents, that many times wanted to give up and send us to work. That's the key. It's not easy, but it's better than do nothing and just watch how your family members die of hunger, and get killed in the streets, and then blame on others, and create a big problem over somthing ridiculous as "skin colour" Finally I must say NO MATTER THE COLOUR OF THE SKIN, REALLY, PEOPLE ARE DEFINED BY THE WAY THEY BEHAVE, THINK AND WORK. Belonging to a gruop because of race or colour doesn't make sense, that only makes us vulnerable and then It's much easier to hate.

  81. Anonymous8/03/2007


  82. Anonymous8/06/2007

    At yearend 2005 there were 3,145 black male sentenced prison inmates per 100,000 black males in the United States, compared to 1,244 Hispanic male inmates per 100,000 Hispanic males and 471 white male inmates per 100,000 white males.-----this speaks for itself, its off the bureau of justice website

  83. Anonymous8/25/2007

    o wow. u must feel so bad about yourself to follow a stereotype. wow u think your very superior dont you? u should be worrying about what wrong with yourself before you can judge others. cause there is no way in hell that YOU are perfect. all that you have said is a bunch of bull****. why dont you go and confront anyone about the the problem your having with "black people" in stead of being a whimp and typing it on the internet. why dont u read my blog. now what i have said is the truth.

  84. Hmmm.....

    A "Black" Man, A Moor (meaning "black" or "very dark"),
    Was the First President of the United States! 1781-1782 A.D.

    IMHOTEP (Egyptian official)
    first engineer, architect and physician in history known by name

    Just some of the documented accomplishments which changed the way we go through/manage our day-to-day activities:

  85. tommy b3/21/2008

    I categorically disagree with everything that hater said... except the remark about Steve Smith! At least back in the day, token blacks on TV were vetted for their ability to "speak well!"

  86. Anonymous3/25/2008

    Do not talk about African Americans like that. Why stereotype? Im an african american. Some african americans do do bad things but also they have been alot of achievments. Are you ignorant? They're people in all races too busy Rapping, Raping, Killing and Stealing.

  87. Anonymous3/27/2008

    At least you have the guts to say what the rest of us are thinking. And am not even white, i'm African. I'm tired of being prejudged for being black. All you black americans out there, take the African out of your title because your not,your great grandparents*10 were but your not. Granted there are good people in every race, but for christs sake make it a little easier for us to like you.

  88. Anonymous4/03/2008

    All valid points. I don't agree with your point about muslims out to attack America, just a few extremists, but i'd rather have arabs living in my country than black people anyday. They atleast have some form of intelligence, and if you respect them they will respect you back. Black people on the other hand are un-tameable beasts. Also, your points on Obama are dead on, black people are just so unintelligent they can't comprehend politics, they see a black guy and that is all they need. He could be wishing for the genocide of the black race and they wouldn't know the difference. What a useless race of people. You should check out Obama for more information on Obama, the muslim. You are going to get a lot of hate mail from stupid liberals, it's directly proportional, the further you live from black people, the more you like them. They haven't experienced their true colours. They only make 13% of the population yet make up nearly the majority in prison. They cry affirmative action at everything! You know 69% of roles in films are created for the white man (the number in population), and the black actors scream racist saying they should be getting 50% (when they only make 13%). FUCK! More than half of them are on welfare. They are useless!!!!! I can't stress that enough. Fucking niggers. Don't they wonder why everyone hates them?

  89. Ashley4/07/2008

    some inventions by black people:Elevator and also safety device for elevators;Heating Furnace;Performed First Open Heart Surgery - Dr. Daniel Hale Williams;Air Condition;Cellular Phone-Henry Sampson and many more... black people are very intelligent people!!! we work the hardest but is not recognized. Think about it, if black people were lazy why do white people buy us as slaves do do there dirty work? because white people are lazy... immigrants in general not just black people come to the states to start a new life to get opportunity. They all start out on welfare but the immigrants don't stay on welfare white people do please check your census... and for chris and this anonymous person at the end that agree with chris the computer you are using was invented by a black person so you do need us!!!! the anonymous one that agree's with chris is probably arab so ofcourse you are gonna back up the statement about muslims.The term "NIGGER" could be used towards anyone if this anonymous person who used this word knows what it means before he uses it. NIGGER means 3 things:
    1. a black person;a member of any dark-skinned people
    2.a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc
    3.a victim of prejudice similar to that suffered by blacks; a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.

  90. Anonymous7/04/2008

    the first black president barack obama godbless we are gods people that will lead us tothe light..

  91. Anonymous7/12/2008

    I was coming home last night from Central Park with my boyfriend. I live in Bronx, NY and I am puertorican, my b/f as well. A black woman was speeding out of the garage and almost hit us with her car. She proceeded to curse at us out, calling me a puertorican spic. So out of anger and the other many hateful names she called me, I called her a black bitch. She then got out of her car and spit at me and my b/f. We kept walking to my building, ignoring the woman. She followed us with her car and started throwing bottles of water at us, still continuing to call us puertorican spics. Apparently, this woman knew all the people that were outside at the time because as soon as she said, "do it", my boyfriend and I had over 20 people beating us up. They punched my b/f several times in the face and body, and myself as well. Every person that was outside was black, including the security guard in my building, which just stood there and did nothing, did not even call 911 for me. Yes, this is the ghetto, but in my 26 years of living in the Bronx have I never been jumped or attacked. It's really sad because as minorities you would think that we would all get along. Especially with New York having such a diverse set of people. Don't let all that diversity stuff fool you, New York is separated in its ways. Yes, I have friends of all races, the majority of my friends, including my best friend are black. I think maybe what happened with Chris is that he's run into too many racist black people like I did last night. At the end of the day, I still have my friends that are Black, it's stupid to hate on each other like that. And you know what, how could I be upset with these people, it's not their fault that they were raised like animals. Just because you're born in the ghetto doesn't mean you have to live and act ghetto. And I hope that the bastards that jumped us last night get what's coming to them. Cuz KARMA is a motherfucker and it will hit them right back 10x. It's like what they say, living in the ghetto isn't easy, I give these young punks 5 years maximum before they're either dead or in jail. And no, I'm not being racist, I love anybody that's a cool person. The people that jumped me last night just so happened to be ghetto ass black people. I would have been just as pissed off if a bunch of ghetto ass puertoricans jumped me. And excuse me for getting pissed off, never in my life have I been called a spic. Last night I was a victim of racism. I thought I was safe from this kind of stuff living in New York, but I'm not. My eyes are wide open now and if people don't change their ways of thinking, stupid shit like this will continue to happen. This is the year 2008 and if racism is crazy in supposed diverse communities like the Bronx, how is it in other communities?? Really makes me think. Living in New York makes you oblivious to what goes on in the rest of the world. I'm used to seeing interracial relationships and chillin with any race of people. This racism bullshit needs to stop.

  92. Anonymous7/15/2008

    Folks in here need to type in the key words "Black invention myths" to show that Blacks are indeed misled about their so-called inventions that Whites had already invented.

  93. Anonymous7/25/2008

    They have all of these black only areas, and if any white person attempts to create a white only college, we're racist. what the hell.

  94. You're BORING. And fucking stupid.

    Jealous much? Do YOU want some black dick, too?

  95. A student(15)9/04/2008

    Ok, I don't want to sound racist (I say this because Black people and there followers WILL say that anything against them is racist or ignorant) but your arguements are stupid. Whenever a fact is said about black people in GENERAL, you present one example of why that generalization isn't true. Of course some black people are smart, just like some white people are athletic. But when it comes down to it, when I go to school, and I walk around the streets, all I see is Niggers (yes I said it). I don't see them reading books, I don't see any productivity; I see loitering, drug dealing, crime, and generally bad behavior.

    Now first off, Nigger is a multiracial word in my opinion. It's definition is someone who is impoverished in society. Of course there are white niggers, but the problem is that black people are generally niggers. They epitomize apathy and degression.

    Before I sound like I am in the fucking KKK, I just want you to know that I am sometimes apathetic. I address my own problems, but I do nothing to solve them, such as going to the Gym or doing a homework assignment. But in the end, I get it done. The world is run by motivation. Just look at Asian immigrants into America; diligent, hard-workers that are aiming for excellence. Learn from the Asians grasshopper =P

    And by the way, I understand to "equalize" racial prejudice, some actions to put blacks in favor were necessary. But now it is rediculous, you demand as a group of people BLACK-ONLY institutions, clubs, groups, events; but when we do that, we are fucking "hating on the brotha, just the man taking blacks down a notch." What the fuck? You think we are ignorant, look at yourselves. I am sure that's the problem with all unsuccuessful people. You need to, even though it is painful and unpleasant, look inside yourself. Ask yourself the BIG questions, that are going to take TIME and EFFORT to solve. What does my life mean? Who will know me after I cease? Did I do anything worthwile? Am I content, or even satisfied with who I am? I am 15 and I answer those questions on a daily basis, and I also avoid them on a daily basis just to keep me sane. Maybe you should just THINK about life.

    To end this rant, I judge people on an individual basis, and all I know is I have black friends, but I do not associate with scum. There are freaking white people that are disgusting, and there are black people that are nerdy, and I refuse to befriend these types of people. Have you heard of this, you hear what you want to hear, you believe what you want to believe? I may have just made that up, but I think black people LOOK FOR A REASON FOR THERE PROBLEMS INSTEAD OF FIXING THEM. There, I finally found the words I was looking for. The only cause of your problems is YOU. YOU control your destiny (to an extent). But let's talk realistic. A crack-head mother and a meth addict father have 69 kids (I know unrealistic but listen). I know those kids will not become president, but not only could they raise there quality of life in the government and nation we live in today, but they could also reach a level high enough (say... teacher, secretary, another form of employee) that they could ENJOY LIFE. THEY WOULD NOT BE TREATED LIKE NIGGERS, BUT LIKE PEOPLE.

    So, finally, don't hate on the white man, hate on yourselves. And don't do what I think you might do, blame black people (or maybe continue to hate white people =P), look at yourselves. That is the culprit.

    1. Anonymous3/19/2014

      Maybe most black people are niggers as you say because thats all they get treated like by some ignorant people. It doeant matter if majority are which im not saying they are there are plenty of niggers in each race. There are just bad ignorant people and good ones in every race.

  96. Anonymous10/22/2008

    lol hes probably not racist hes just a lover of stirring up trouble, i used to be the same way, i am jewish and i would come off acting wicked racist against them and blacks to get stupid people to make me laugh with comments like "y0 r@c1$T A$$hole qu1t hating you g@y honk1e"

  97. Anonymous11/23/2008

    Thank you for agreeing with me! Black people are nothing but human smuggling, gang-banging, white-killing, lady-raping, baby-killing, drug-selling, rapping, loud, ghetto, worthless losers!

    1. Anonymous7/01/2012

      Someone's been dropped.

  98. Anonymous11/29/2008

    from my experiences since i migrated here in the US, I can say that chris is right on many aspects.well its hard to have a good image on a black man if all you see and hear are otherwise.dont you native-born american have eyes?look around:LA, Newyork,orleans name it..all heavily black pretty sure what you'd see will justify some of chris' point..

  99. Anonymous12/22/2008

  100. Ok Let's fu***in finish this conversation:
    I am not a white and neither a black, but an American citizen who has traveled all around the world.
    this guy (Chris) has exaggerated all his points. there are good and bad ppl in any race but talking about the majority of a race, we can admit that some of his points are true. black ppl don't have a major positive contribution in the society of any non-black countries.
    and there is no way to separate goods from bads in this race.
    I can only say this to good black ppl: "please do your best to help and educate other peers. it's been proven that our society will accept good ppl regardless of their race."

  101. Anonymous2/06/2009

    well..........chris , chris , chris , chris , sorry but i didnt see BARACK OBAMA - who incase you might be indenial about, is the new BLACK president, saying his speech all drunk and rapping whilst raping and stealing at the same time!you ignorant fool. .......and by the way the amount of things you use today that have been invented by black people....i need say no more!

  102. Anonymous3/01/2009

    oh you people need to wake up and realise that the world is full of different races and get over it! its ok mentioning a lot of the rapes stealing and mugging but was black people likely to get a job nooooooooooo!!!!!!!! its all lies this equality u people just dnt see it also who changed laws about racist comments because it wasnt a black person stood in court saying that should not be allowed they were white so dont come with the we use the racist act because u changed the law thats not our problem. rapping is the only way kids can get off the street i dont see u going out helping them.
    im mix race and im proud what can u say about me my mums white my dads black and i hate racism i suppose im stuck in the middle but nobody asked to b brought up a certain colour god jus made u that way and its that way for a reason. u need to get over urself sado.
    u need to grow up and mature and cum to terms that u probly have black in you from ur ancestors due to white men raping black women so dont get confused who was raping who first thank you end of discussion :)
    heres a poem
    Black is Black.
    White is White.
    Life is always
    A racial fight.
    �Don�t date her.�
    �Don�t Marry Him.�
    �He doesn�t match
    The color of your skin.�
    Why does it matter?
    Why do we care?
    Would you see a difference
    If the skin wasn�t there?
    They may use a language
    We do not speak
    They may have beliefs
    We find unique.
    But deep down inside
    Beneath that thin shell,
    You may just find someone
    You know very well.
    Friends come in all sizes, colors, and shapes,
    And you might miss a lot
    If you see only a face.
    Each culture has something
    Unique we can learn
    To make our lives better,
    Our souls much more pure.
    So cast off your prejudice
    Replace hate with love
    And look on each person
    As does your Father above.


  103. Anonymous3/20/2009

    I would just like to say that this whole hate letter is just very immature and irresponsible. Racist people are racist based on stereotypes. They read about certain things in they newspaper and hear things on T.V. that have made them look down on and possibly shun an entire race. My key word is "Stereotypes". These make us believe that everyone belonging to a certain grouping are all the same. Blacks, Whitesm Hispanics, Asians, Indians, Pacicif Islanders, and many other have made accomplisments in their own ways. Just because they may not be major things, they still are. In Africa, people are struggling to live out each day and they are battling for life at all times. They truthfully do sell their own kind as slaves but they do this to earn money for support, which is exactly what Caucasians did in the American slavery times. I could trash talk white people and other races and about their downfalls (this is where some people would say white people have none) but I'm not going to stoop to that level. Every race is beautiful no matter what anyone thinks, and as most people belive, humanity is God's greatest creation...

  104. How about you shut the fuck up.
    I hope you know you're not funny if you're trying to be. And you're even more ignorant than the black stereotype is, for trying to blame the entire Black population for these issue. I am half Black and i go to one of the top high schools in the country and on the bus, to that school, i see the ignorance, and it disgusts me as well, but dont acuse my entire race of your bull. For one, i barely listen to rap, nobody in my family has been detained for a jail sentence for as far back as traceable, i dont acknowledge Kwanzaa, and few Black people that i know actually do, and you think all black children are homos carrying around machine guns?
    It looks like you watch way too much TV and draw your assumptions of the whole black population from it.

  105. Anonymous6/11/2009

    Listen you IDIOT. Your just wastin ur damn time writing everything you hate about BLACKS?????..White people commit crimes too you dumbass..dont you watch the news??..i bet you so dumb you dont even know what the hell news is u waste of space.And umm...BLACKS....made inventions in America too!...Go read a book or something like that..GO GET A FUCKIN LIFE.

  106. you have a psychological problem that i have i dont know why maybe some of what you say true but i hate jewish they are like except money and intelligence without wisdom and i am sure that i am not with the slave government fighting MUSLIMS and helping evil-minded ISRAEL

  107. Anonymous6/19/2009

    I'm not on this guy's side but I understand where he's coming from. It might seem like blacks are bad people because of everything they do but they aren't.
    Honestly, in my culture, that's how black Americans are viewed, but once you get to know a few, you realize that it's only a few people who ruining the reputation of everyone else.

  108. i don't know why people are getting mad when he's only speaking the truth, not every black person is like that but most are, that's a proven fact. statistics don't lie !!

  109. Anonymous7/23/2009

    It's amazing that there are still people who are dumb enough to believe that white people are the only ones who can invent things!

  110. Anonymous7/24/2009

    no bama black people always take and take thats all they do never give back....

  111. Anonymous7/30/2009

    It is the right of every human to like or dislike whatever he wants. There is no law that says you can't be a racist. I personally don't like blacks at all because I grew up in South Africa, we had a safe, prosperous country before the blacks took over. Now we have more than 50 000 murders each year with 270 000 rape cases (keep in mind that almost 60% of rape cases aren't reported, so you can add another 300000 to this number). And worst of all is that my grandmother was murder by the gardener 7 months ago for a couple of pieces of clothes. You can say what you want but a white person will not kill for something stupid like that.

    I am sure there is genetic differences between whites and blacks, it is in their nature to do stupid and barbaric things. An example, Saskatchewan (Canada) has a population of 950000 people. Natives make up about 14% of the population but looking at the jails, they make up about 90% of the criminals. Do some research, it will most probably be the same in all the American states.

  112. Anonymous8/26/2009

    It won't be long until there is a black-white revolutionary war. Blacks hate the whites always have......

  113. Anonymous9/11/2009

    Well you're just an ignorant little racist aren't you? What you're referring to are the kind of black people who buy into the sterotype. there are billions of black people who are strong, intelligent, world changers. I'm half black myself though I look white. I'm not fatherless, I live with my dad and he takes care of me everyday. I'm talking to my mother, the white half of me, and she knows first hand that there are racist all over like you who have no idea what's really going on in the world. Now you can base your little "facts" on your warped reality, but black people have acclomplished the most of all because they're the orgin of man. If you were any kind of thinker with an ounce of an education you'd know that. And you can't deny facts, real facts, just because of your prejudice. Martin Luther king, Sojorner Truth, Muhammed Ali, they stood up and fought for a cause and if you can't see that than you probably don't deserve eyes at all. As for Barak Obama: If you're only reason for hating him is he's a muslim or he's not American, you really are just bitching. If it hasn't been proven by know than you and all the rest of those idiots sound like the people who claimed eath was the center of the universe. Not only was it stupid, we got proof it was a lie but they still chose to believe it. Just face the facts, it's not a white world anymore, you losers just need to accept defeat. Because in reality, this in no way ruins your life. Stop holding onto racism, it's a lost cause. Get over it, or die with everybody tired of your shit

  114. Anonymous9/25/2009

    Chris you make me wanna take a machine gun and mow down every ignorant person in the world. its sickening to the very core. you are the reason our country is disgusting. this is one of the areas that need the most improvement in our nation, a nation founded for tolerance and freedom of persecution. you are a perfect representation of is sickness of intolerance that plagues our country and likely calls themselves a patriot and thinks that some people are weighting down our country. you are right, someone is weighting down our nation, but its not the person you point figures at, its you.

  115. Anonymous10/02/2009

    Thank you Chris, from the bottom of my heart I appreciate what you said. You give black men and women like me who are educated and pretty much otherwise the opposite of what you said even more incentive to keep doing well in this society. At the end of the day all you have is this pathetic rant about an entire race which makes you look not only sad but terribly impotent. When I talk to people I see people not the color of a person and for the record I have lived in Europe, Asia, and several large cities in the United States and I can tell you ignorance is not genetic trait. If you don't believe me, you should look in the mirror some time you might be surprised.

  116. Anonymous12/26/2009

    i can't think of where to start...i am a young black female...and...i'm really hurt by this...i know that...many african americans have tarnished our name as a whole...but..every black man or an individual...not the entire race...i as a young black not open my legs to every man that comes fact...i am a virgin waiting for marriage...and everything you listed...exists in every other race...not just this one...not every african american voted for obama bc he was black...and for those who did...they are obviously foolish to lay power in someones hands based on color...i also believe...that it is blogs like this that do not help any situation you have's like telling a child he is worthless...if you tell him enough times...he will grow up acting as a worthless person..and he will always believe he is...same as for this many people charactize *individual* black people with every black person in the world...and tell us what we are (what they THINK we are) you not think that it helps shape a persons outlook on what they are...when i read this...i looked at my skin and believed that this is what i am...even when i know its not...i feel like...i'm grouped with everyone else...i know many others feel this way too....everytime i walk into a store..i am profiled bc of the color of my skin...and i am nothing like the retarded stuck up loud shanaynay black women you see on mtv...or on any kind of down played help shape people with your words...and will meet a black person who feels the way i do...i am not saying i am proud to be black..bc right now...i do not feel that way...i'm upset by what i see around me...i won't lie...there are many things wrong...but i am still black...and i wouldn't change what God created me to be...i just wish that people such as yourself could see a person like a person...and not an entire race..

  117. Anonymous12/29/2009

    Please do not hate me Chris because I am black. Not every black person act the same. I do not Know what you have been thru but I still love you. If some black person hurt you call the police do not make hate letters. Plus I see you read the bible or you googled it but your just like Cain you hate and bring down your brothers and sisters. Who's to say Jesus is not black. In the bible It speak of Jesus as being glorious and lovely. Jesus did not die on the cross for whites, he loved everyone for who they are. So don't you dare bring the bible into your racist slurs.

  118. Anonymous1/15/2010

    You know, honestly a lot of blacks are guilty of committing a lot of ignorant things, but it is not fair to accuse all blacks of these offenses. Just like blacks should not think that every white man has a small penis. Or every white woman gives oral sex to every man she meets. Or that every white child will grow to be a serial killer or go crazy and shoot up their schools. All these are stereotypes and that's the wrong answer. No matter how many white men have a small penis or, how many white women have whored around . It's just not fair. In the end God is the only one who judges and there is not a black man, white woman, white man or guatemalan waitress who is worthy enough to put themselves in God's place. As an officer of the law I do see plenty of ignorant blacks so I know firsthand what some of them are capable of. But at the same time, there is a huge amount of white child pedophiles. The lowest of the low in my book.

  119. Anonymous1/16/2010

    this world is full of hatred. why can't w all just get along people. sure black people made alot of mistakes .but, were not the only ones it doesn't show that were ignorant it shows that were human. were not to blame for the world lack of succes.there are two types of people in this world the haters and the hated black people happens to be one of the hted because some people noticed that we increased successfully after slavery .know this we have contributed alot to this world. i'm black and i'm proud haters.

  120. Anonymous2/02/2010

    i 100% agree with you

  121. Anonymous2/13/2010

    all i have to say is that is how people no we do not bitch about shit all i have to say is get your facts straight and the people that say this listen to rap and try to act black so no blacks are smart good at sports do not care what people say i'm proud to be black and there are alot of whites trying to tan to be my color so go fuck yourself and rethink what you wrote and stop being so judgemental and look at your race for once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Anonymous4/10/2010

    Boy oh boy would you like some attention. I am not going to base my argument with you on stereotypes or opinion, but with fact. FACT:genetically white came from BLACK, black can never come from white. FACT:No contributions? Ohhhh, you mean such as he gas mask,the traffic light, blood plasma bag,guitar, ROCK AND ROLL, the automatic transmition, the first SUCCESFUL open heart surgery. I notice you keep refering to "black" music as being rap/ hip hop, yet leave out the fact the the kings and queens of pop, rock and roll, r & b, soul, funk, blues are all african american people. EVERY sport including GOLF (a "white" sport) is lead by African Americans. The richest woman in America just so happens to be African American. Africa is RICH in resources the white eurpean race has RAPED Africa of their resources..that is a FACT NOT a bash on to the white race. This COUNTRY was STOLEN from Native Americans that is a FACT Christopher Columbus brought foreign diseases with him that killed many NATIVE Americans. YOU are not AMERICAN because you have white skin. The knowledge that is taught in American colleges and universities ORIGINATED IN KEMET (the name of ancient Egypt). When the Greeks decided to settle on BLACK land they adopted BLACK culture and brought it to Europe. THATS A FACT. I wouldnt expect you to acknowledge these things being that you abviously do not read considering real books have white pages but are blank without BLACK words. Besides THAT TURN OFF YOUR LOCAL NEWS STATIONS and go for the REAL news. America has TIES with the middle east besides that WHITE AMERICA is one of the most HATED cultures in the WORLD most foreign countries are NOT welcoming to Americans. BARACK OBAMA WOULD NOT BE IN OFFICE IF ONLY THE BLACK RACE VOTED FOR HIM fact of the matter is all of your "white banks" backed him. If the REAL America did not want him there HE WOULDNT BE THERE. He is also tied with your "white elitist societies" that run this country. (And no i am NOT a democrat in the least bit). He is a REAL Harvard grad. he didnt just get PUT into office as white former president Bush did. My MOTHER was a single parent while attending NYU (computer science major)also being project manager at a major phone company AND graduated suma cum laude. We live ga now in a family friendly neighborhood. We're one of the ONLY families in the neighborhood that OWN this house and BOTH cars outside, mind you all of my neighbors are white (and i love them)so before you judge someones race based on what you see on tv make sure youre educated enough to back up your statements to where YOUR race is excluded from the problem and can NOT be used as an example in ANY case of which you speak. And if these are the ppl youre actually seing and are around on a daily bases to back your statements then doesnt that speak more on YOUR position in life? P.S. i live in GEORGIA NOBODY discrimanates against HISPANICS more than the white race and the only CHILDREN that ive seen with guns are southern extremist. In reality most LABOR REALLLLL WORK has been done by blacks and hispanics. I have NEVER seen a white person (besides a couple of children)doing SOMEONE ELSES YARD, BUILDING SOMEONE ELSES HOME, we have all EARNED our place in America, HAVE YOU? Christopher Columbus the rapist did NOT. You speak on how many african americans are bitter over slavery yet youve clearly forgot the reason SLAVERY was brought to this country so OUR people can do the LABOR it takes to make a profit, besides that what they dont tell you is ILLEGAL ALIENS are ALLOWED over here because they make FREE profit off them. O_O are you STUPID?

  123. Hm. Well i am a African American,and im mixed with indian.Im really affended by what your saying.Im 15 years old.And i have never never heard anyones racial opinion be explioded like it is. I understand that you might not like us African Americans. but when you say stuff like this do you ever think for once that a child is reading this? and that this could be hurtful to not only blacks but to whites too. I would be ashamed to speak of this especially on the WORLD WIDE WEB.also you have to understand that all races are not perfect just because one talks different or looks different. Not all blacks are ignorent and not all whites are either. Not all whites are perfect, actually far from it.(blacks to) If you can except your flaws then you should be able to except others to.Maybe you should walk around and meet some inteligent blacks. you'll find that a majority of us are just as loving and caring as anybody you've met.And my fellow blacks that are arguing back and cursing, theres no need to.This is just ones own opinion.And just because theres one racist white man or woman doesn't mean that the rest are. and im truly glad im not surrounded by people like this. My white and black and hispanic friends and i have a strong bond and that'll never change. I feel sorry for those of you who are prejudice against others I really do. God bless you and may God have mercy on your soul.

  124. Anonymous5/22/2010

    Wow, well what can i say. dont f**cking use God's love and twist them to say stuff like that. if you hate black people that much, that's ok coz thatz your opinion but just dont use Gods words like that. i am a black american and i dont have anything against white americans or all white people for that matter but i can defintely say i hate you. you talk bullsh*t!
    so just say no more!

  125. Anonymous6/21/2010

    someone said "black" people only take rarely give anything?i guess some blacks got use to taking/ hate greed racism slavery destruction etc now instead of random and unnecessary (taking) there doing it on free will? Black should not a race but a mindset kinda like darkness Shady Evil eventually anyone can be black or A Nigger Based On Definition but it also comes to light Not White Find God and love not hate

  126. Anonymous7/08/2010

    Wow some people are just so ignorant. There are lazy people of all races colors and creeds. You can not judge a whole race of people off of what you see a few people doing. That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen and heard of. Oh not to mention I know a black man who says he hates his own race. Why I asked him he says because they are ignorant, foolish, society has evolved and they have not. So I guess he hates himself also. My mother taught me you never judge a group of people off of what you see one or two of them doing. I think this stuff is so outrageous it is funny to me. I looked at him and thought to myself, because I have know him for quite sometime now, and looked at all the things he has done when he was a youth and thought to myself the same reasons you hate your own race for you have done them yourself. And a racist fascist person would see you the same way as you see your own race. So in conclusion: Why America? Why must people sit here and be so ignorant? Why hate people for just a few idiots? And why hate yourself and your own race? You know Hitler was half Jewish and half German and because he was half Jewish he hated himself so much that he in turned hated his own people so he put them in death camps and made them suffer for his own self hatred and if he hated himself that much why not just commit suicide. People stop the hate of others and yourself.

  127. Anonymous7/15/2010

    Um excuse me i just so happen to be black and why must you be so darn racist would you like if i said i hate white people because you guys take over everything and all yall that's tripping need to shut up and learn to love all and the streo type for black people is so not true so SHUT THE HECK UP AND STOP HATING BECAUSE YALL WISH YALL WAS BLACK

  128. Anonymous8/02/2010

    First of all , Just because you dont like black people dont mean you need to talk about us! If you didnt know u idiot yall white folks used to abuse us n use us na since yall see a black man n da white house yall think we taken over ; bitch please its just a new beginning , & you aint seen ghetto yet! CAUSE WE TAKIN OVER ONE CITY AT A TIME! N EVEN IF YALL TRIED TO TURN US INTO SLAVES WE WOULD FIGHT BACK BADDER THEN DEM OLD DAYS YALL CANT TOUCH US NOW WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE ; U CAN GO TO JAIL FOR THIS & IF YOU DONT DELETE IT I WILL SEND ALL THIS TO COPS & SHOW YOU HOW US BLACK PPL GET DOWN BITCH! YOU UNGREATFAITHFUL HATERED SCUM BAG! I HOPE U ROTTEN IN HELL

  129. Anonymous8/29/2010

    I am an Islamic/African American and I believe your blog was completely unnecessary, ignorant, and rude. I am not going to call you rude names or just shove stupidity back to you because I was offended. No, I am simply going to say that I believe that you should not 'judge a book by it's cover' I know that I do, but I think that this was obscene and at least I try to not judge so quickly. Another thing is that not all of Africa is poor and it really bothers me that so many people think it is, it's a big continent.
    Lastly, I would like to state that we should all get over ourselves and share love with one another this life is short why spend disliking each

    "Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."- Eleanor Roosevelt

  130. TATYANNA10/21/2010

    as a black young adult myself i find that very have no idea what kind of mindset you have given to the young community! why should a child have to read such things like that? you have no type of respect (the way i see it) like what the heck man i know you wrote this 3 years ago but hey im just now seeing it and i pray God will bless your life.. why hate on blacks? by you posting this what is this accomplishing? NOTHING AT ALL. i hope you dont have any kids,matter of fact i hope your family is as digusted as i am. you would rather have a president like bush huh? figures, you must be just likehim. 1. he has no proper presidential skills. 2. he is not a role model to others nor does he have that kind of potential. obama on the other hand is actually trying to do something for this world. wait a second....WHAT IS IT EXACTLY THAT YOU ARE DOING TO HELP THIS WORLD? OH! THATS RIGHT-BLOGGING ABOUT YOUR STUPIDITY AND YOUR SCHIZOPHRENIC MINDFRAME. i am 17 years of age and trust this once i tell you. maturity goes a very long way and you sir (chris, the originator of the topic) do not withhold that. you talk about black created stupid ones or what not. but what you are missing is that GOD gave man the knowledgeto create those inventions. Not just blacks,not just whites,all races. You are a disgrace of humankind. you are a misjudger of quite a bundle of things. you,sir,are no one as of 10/21/2010. and i quote "NO ONE". worry about all the problems you have created against the world because of that one finger you are pointing towards blacks, 3 are pointing right back at you. get a clue and understand wouldnt dare step in a black man, woman,or child's shoe but you wanna blog this mess on here? be a MAN be an ADULT and talk about something less irritating...signed
    Tatyanna Cowling. Student of G.W. carver High School columbus Ga. c/o 2011. THANK YOU.

  131. Anonymous4/11/2011

    A little something for for the neanderthal that has more than less of a clue, rather than a brain..

    Inventions Created By Black People

    air conditioning unit: Frederick M. Jones; July 12, 1949

    almanac: Benjamin Banneker; Approx 1791
    auto cut-off switch: Granville T. Woods; January 1,1839
    auto fishing devise: G. Cook; May 30, 1899
    automatic gear shift: Richard Spikes; February 28, 1932
    baby buggy: W.H. Richardson; June 18, 1899
    bicycle frame: L.R. Johnson; Octber 10, 1899
    biscuit cutter: A.P. Ashbourne; November 30, 1875
    blood plasma bag: Charles Drew; Approx. 1945
    cellular phone: Henry T. Sampson; July 6, 1971
    chamber commode: T. Elkins; January 3, 1897
    clothes dryer: G. T. Sampson; June 6, 1862
    curtain rod: S. R. Scratton; November 30, 1889
    curtain rod support: William S. Grant; August 4, 1896
    door knob: O. Dorsey; December 10, 1878
    door stop: O. Dorsey; December 10, 1878
    dust pan: Lawrence P. Ray; August 3, 1897
    egg beater: Willie Johnson; February 5, 1884
    electric lampbulb: Lewis Latimer; March 21, 1882
    elevator: Alexander Miles; October 11, 1867
    eye protector: P. Johnson; November 2, 1880
    fire escape ladder: J. W. Winters; May 7, 1878
    fire extinguisher: T. Marshall; October 26, 1872
    folding bed: L. C. Bailey; July 18, 1899
    folding chair: Brody & Surgwar; June 11, 1889
    fountain pen: W. B. Purvis; January 7, 1890
    furniture caster: O. A. Fisher; 1878
    gas mask: Garrett Morgan; October 13, 1914
    golf tee: T. Grant; December 12, 1899
    guitar: Robert F. Flemming, Jr. March 3, 1886
    hair brush: Lydia O. Newman; November 15,18--
    hand stamp: Walter B. Purvis; February 27, 1883
    horse shoe: J. Ricks; March 30, 1885
    ice cream scooper: A. L. Cralle; February 2, 1897
    improv. sugar making: Norbet Rillieux; December 10, 1846
    insect-destroyer gun: A. C. Richard; February 28, 1899
    ironing board: Sarah Boone; December 30, 1887
    key chain: F. J. Loudin; January 9, 1894
    lantern: Michael C. Harvey; August 19, 1884
    lawn mower: L. A. Burr; May 19, 1889
    lawn sprinkler: J. W. Smith; May 4, 1897
    lemon squeezer: J. Thomas White; December 8, 1893
    lock: W. A. Martin; July 23, 18--
    lubricating cup: Ellijah McCoy; November 15, 1895
    lunch pail: James Robinson; 1887
    mail box: Paul L. Downing; October 27, 1891
    mop: Thomas W. Stewart; June 11, 1893
    motor: Frederick M. Jones; June 27, 1939
    peanut butter: George Washington Carver; 1896
    pencil sharpener: J. L. Love; November 23, 1897
    record player arm: Joseph Hunger Dickenson January 8, 1819
    refrigerator: J. Standard; June 14, 1891
    riding saddles: W. D. Davis; October 6, 1895
    rolling pin: John W. Reed; 1864
    shampoo headrest: C. O. Bailiff; October 11, 1898
    spark plug: Edmond Berger; February 2, 1839
    stethoscope: Imhotep; Ancient Egypt
    stove: T. A. Carrington; July 25, 1876
    straightening comb: Madam C. J. Walker; Approx 1905
    street sweeper: Charles B. Brooks; March 17, 1890
    phone transmitter: Granville T. Woods; December 2, 1884
    thermostat control: Frederick M. Jones; February 23, 1960
    traffic light: Garrett Morgan; November 20, 1923
    tricycle: M. A. Cherry; May 6, 1886
    typewriter: Burridge & Marshman; April 7, 1885
    Other things invented by Blacks People

    Break Dancing
    Reggae, Ska
    Rock and Roll
    Super Water Blaster
    Fiber Optics

  132. Anonymous5/20/2011

    What people aren't realizing: black people are the true israelites. We are the true Jews. Every person that was major in the Bible is black, including Jesus and Moses and Mary and Joesph. We are not originally from AFRICA but from ISRAEL. White people or Englishmen brought us to Africa after forcing us out of our native land and distributed black people across the world because as stated in the Bible the children of Israel are blessed and will be put through many hardships trials and tribulations.

  133. Anonymous5/31/2011

    The real issue here is not Chris... Its all of the people that write there hate towards him because he hates black people. Its really what he is looking for on this post. Hate is very contagous. He really needs loved. He is human and in the depths of his heart he knows what he is doing is not fulfilling his life. Thats really the extent of this. Everyone of us have hate in us, we may hate dogs, or animal activists, or homosexuals. We should not hate the person, but hate the act. This is not easy and it only comes from our Lord Jesus Christ. Love is much more contagous then hate. I pray for you Chris, I believe deep down you have a good heart and so does God.

  134. Anonymous7/19/2011

    And I couldn't agree more with the above post. Hate is contagious, ".....Judge and be judged. Condemn, and be condemned. Forgive and be forgiven" - Jesus Christ

  135. Anonymous7/31/2011

    seriously i am not even american but you guys should check your grammar if you are trying to defeat an argument. i do not understand why people keep saying ''ignorant''... I do not see why this guy should be an ignorant. He seems to know stuff. Other than that... there is no such thing as unnecessary on the internet. there is everything on the internet. thanks

  136. Anonymous7/31/2011

    This is only a simple list: And no I did not type all of this ! Cut and paste is much better.air conditioning unit

    air conditioning unit Frederick M. Jones July 12, 1949
    almanac Benjamin Banneker Approx 1791
    auto cut-off switch Granville T. Woods January 1, 1839
    auto fishing devise G. Cook May 30, 1899
    automatic gear shift Richard Spikes February 28, 1932
    baby buggy W.H. Richardson June 18, 1899
    bicycle frame L.R. Johnson October 10, 1899
    biscuit cutter A.P. Ashbourne November 30, 1875
    blood plasma bag Charles Drew Approx. 1945
    cellular phone Henry T. Sampson July 6, 1971
    chamber commode T. Elkins January 3, 1897
    clothes dryer G. T. Sampson June 6, 1862
    curtain rod S. R. Scratton November 30, 1889
    curtain rod support William S. Grant August 4, 1896
    door knob O. Dorsey December 10, 1878
    door stop O. Dorsey December 10, 1878
    dust pan Lawrence P. Ray August 3, 1897
    egg beater Willie Johnson February 5, 1884

  137. Anonymous7/31/2011

    List Continued:electric lampbulb Lewis Latimer March 21, 1882
    elevator Alexander Miles October 11, 1867
    eye protector P. Johnson November 2, 1880
    fire escape ladder J. W. Winters May 7, 1878
    fire extinguisher T. Marshall October 26, 1872
    folding bed L. C. Bailey July 18, 1899
    folding chair Brody & Surgwar June 11, 1889
    fountain pen W. B. Purvis January 7, 1890
    furniture caster O. A. Fisher 1878
    gas mask Garrett Morgan October 13, 1914
    golf tee T. Grant December 12, 1899
    guitar Robert F. Flemming, Jr. March 3, 1886
    hair brush Lydia O. Newman November 15, 18--
    hand stamp Walter B. Purvis February 27 1883
    horse shoe J. Ricks March 30, 1885
    ice cream scooper A. L. Cralle February 2, 1897
    improv. sugar making Norbet Rillieux December 10, 1846
    insect-destroyer gun A. C. Richard February 28, 1899
    ironing board Sarah Boone December 30, 1887
    key chain F. J. Loudin January 9, 1894
    lantern Michael C. Harvey August 19, 1884
    lawn mower L. A. Burr May 19, 1889
    lawn sprinkler J. W. Smith May 4, 1897
    lemon squeezer J. Thomas White December 8, 1893
    lock W. A. Martin July 23, 18--
    lubricating cup Ellijah McCoy November 15, 1895
    lunch pail James Robinson 1887
    mail box Paul L. Downing October 27, 1891
    mop Thomas W. Stewart June 11, 1893
    motor Frederick M. Jones June 27, 1939
    peanut butter George Washington Carver 1896
    pencil sharpener J. L. Love November 23, 1897
    phone transmitter Granville T. Woods December 2, 1884
    record player arm Joseph Hunger Dickenson January 8, 1819
    refrigerator J. Standard June 14, 1891
    riding saddles W. D. Davis October 6, 1895
    rolling pin John W. Reed 1864
    shampoo headrest C. O. Bailiff October 11, 1898
    spark plug Edmond Berger February 2, 1839
    stethoscope Imhotep Ancient Egypt
    stove T. A. Carrington July 25, 1876
    straightening comb Madam C. J. Walker Approx 1905
    street sweeper Charles B. Brooks March 17, 1890
    thermostat control Frederick M. Jones February 23, 1960
    traffic light Garrett Morgan November 20, 1923
    tricycle M. A. Cherry May 6, 1886
    typewriter Burridge & Marshman April 7, 1885

    JUST TO NAME A FEW ! I am black and do not like all black people as well as some whites. Maybe if you took your time to get to know a few you would feel a little better. I did..........

  138. Anonymous7/31/2011

    Matzeliger, Jan 1852–1889 Inventor Shoe assembly Machine [52][53]
    McBay, Henry 1914–1995 Chemist
    McCoy, Elijah 1844–1929 Inventor Invented the automatic lubricator for steam engines.
    McNair, Ronald 1950–1986 Astronaut Astronaut killed during mission STS-51-L in the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster
    Montgomery, Benjamin 1819–1877 Inventor Designed a steam operated propeller to provide propulsion to boats in shallow water
    Morgan, Garrett 1877–1963 Inventor
    Ogbu, John Uzo 1939–2003 Anthropologist Race and intelligence studies
    Oyekan, Soni 1946– Chemical engineer
    Poindexter, Hildrus 1901–1987 Bacteriologist
    Epidemiologist Work on the epidemiology of tropical diseases including malaria
    Petters, Arlie 1964– Physicist Work on the mathematical physics of gravitational lensing
    Renfroe, Earl 1907–2000 Orthodontist
    Rillieux, Norbert 1806–1894 Engineer
    Russell, Jesse 1948– Engineer
    Inventor Wireless communications engineer
    Sammons, Walter Inventor Patent for hot comb [54]
    Sowell, Thomas 1930– Economist
    Social scientist
    Steele, Claude 1946– Psychologist
    Social scientist Stereotype threat studies
    Thomas, Vivien 1910–1985 Surgical technician Blue baby syndrome treatment in the 1940s
    Tyson, Neil deGrasse 1958– Astronomer Researcher and popular educator in astronomy and the sciences
    Walker, C.J. 1867–1919 Inventor Created black cosmetic products.
    Washington, Warren M. 1936– Atmospheric scientist Former chair of the National Science Board
    West, James E. 1931– Acoustician
    Inventor Co-developed the foil electret microphone
    Wilkins, J. Ernest, Jr. 1923–2011 Mathematician
    Nuclear scientist Entered University of Chicago at age 13, PhD at 19, worked on the Manhattan Project, wrote over 100 scientific papers, helped recruit minorities into the sciences. [55][56]
    Williams, Daniel 1856–1931
    Williams, Scott W. 1943– Mathematician
    Williams, Walter E. 1936– Economist
    Social scientist
    Woods, Granville 1856–1910 Inventor

  139. Anonymous7/31/2011

    You know.. we almost destroyed our country over this crap ! Indians, Free Blacks, Slaves, Japanese, Chinese, etc. we all fought and died for this country !! The list can go on and on and on !!!! If we do not come together as a Country and STOP this non sense, we can very well end up without one. Divide and conquer is a successful war tactic. We are definitely DIVIDED and an American covers a broad range of colors, races, ethnic groups which is not going to change. If we start treating people with respect and as we would want to be treated our world would be better. We've had crooks, sicko's and psychos from all over the world settle here even before slavery. We've had good and bad experiences with other race and even our own. We need to make a change for the better because if we fail, there is no other place to run to !!!!

  140. Anonymous8/11/2011

    this is sad how racism still exists i mean why can't we all just get along and get over these dumb stereo types about blacks not all of us act like animals i'm black and i don't act like a fool some act that way because they were not taught as well as they should have it goes for all races no matter what you look like nor what race you will still have people that want to act like a fool no matter what race so i don't know why it has to be always a black person it could be anyone from any race.

  141. Anonymous8/14/2011


  142. Miss B. A. Blades8/16/2011

    It makes me miserable to read this...

    I rant about black people all the time because I, as a young black woman, feel that we could REALLY do better. My dad, though he wasn't present all my life, fought for this country for a time. My mother, an immigrant from the island of Barbados, worked up to three jobs to care for myself and my brother. I am an artist, a writer, a musician, and an avid studier of the whatever-sounds-interesting-at-the-time (mostly classic literature, foreign language, and medicine). I do NOT refer to myself as African-American; I don't even fill it in on forms unless it has the "black" option next to it. I don't listen to rap, and only rarely listen to R&B.
    First of all, white people have been screwing over EVERY race. But that's in the past. We didn't choose to be here in the beginning, but now we're here. We were handicapped a little because in the beginning we were forced to receive less. Black people, it's time to take a stand. We have the opportunity to have more and show idiots like the author of this letter and his followers up. I am not being racist against whites; I am merely stating that we're all people and we need to cut out this racist bullcrap. If your neighbor suffers, don't look upon his affliction with contempt and assume it's due solely to his own inferiority. If he doesn't know how to do for himself, teach him to do for himself. At that point, you will have done all you can. Stop trying to separate yourselves, world, and focus on uniting. People's demeanors are based on their own upbringing and opinions, not on their race.

    Logically, I can't imagine what how much melanin someone produces has anything to do with how receptive they are to intelligence.

  143. Anonymous11/17/2011

    "We didn't choose to be here in the beginning, but now we're here." This is half true because Africans were slaves by their own race and culture before coming to America. So it was an African decision to sell their slaves to Americans. Yes, it was not the slaves choice but it was their African owners. Also you chose to use the word "We" in the beginning of your sentence, as if you or your ancestors were involved some how. If you knew anything about Barbados or the surrounding islands you would now that there was African slavery there as well as Irish slaves. So if you have some kind of connection to the "black" race it is probably because you were a so called "master".

  144. Anonymous11/22/2011

    I know there's negative stereotypes about blacks, are they unfounded? I have no idea. But one thing I'd like to call attention to is this ideas about "swagger". If a black child, (especially a male) doesn't have "swagger" he gets labeled/alienated. He has to have that step in his stride, that rap in his speech, that stupid machismo when dealing with any and everything to look cool, (even when nobody cares). I'm a black male. I naturally never had this "swagger" and I never tried to be someone I never was...and I paid for it dearly. I never hung around blacks because of fear yet I was ridiculed, singled out, laughed at etc. AND I DIDN'T DO A DAMNED THING TO ANYBODY!!!! I naturally have a loving heart towards anyone no matter who they were, even as a child but I guess this just wasn't good enough. What is "swagger" anyway? What is this a game? It's not a game it's about survival, mentally physicall spiritually and emotionally. I never did anything to anybody but I was mocked by people WHO DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ME because I lacked that "swagger" and hung around whites. The average stupid minority would say something like, "grow some balls and be a nigga". Fuck you. I'm myself and always been and for what??? I have love in my heart and I'm trying to survive. I try not to look down on my own race. This is an issue blacks don't want to talk about but it's real and I've lived it. I live in an isolated area where everyone's friendly and there's NO swagger.

  145. Anonymous1/09/2012

    hate is a strong feeling, the word dislike is better. none can argue with u.

    1- if u c an empty seat in the bus beside a white man, and the same beside a black, which one u will choose. i will choose the 1 beside white.
    2- if u can have friend both white and black, which one u prefer, i will go for white.
    3- if african blacks go to Japan for work, and after sometime they increase in no. , do they have right to ask for their part in Japan's culture, i would say no.
    4-if u are black and u can go back were ur ancestor came, then go. u r in someone els home.
    5- more than 75% of blacks wish to be white. how many % of whites wish to be black. think about it
    6- we start hating u blacks when u stopped thinking, and said bye to honor.u have right to be happy but in ur place. where ur roots are. u are human not like me, cause i am white, u are a different kind not only color, in DNA too.
    7-honor ur fathers and go back to ur home, build it nice, and come n take us as ur slaves. none will complain.
    8- know ur place pleas. dont say, my father did live here so do i, u r doing same mistake ur fathers did. u dont blong here. try to understand my friend.if we go and take over china like blacks doing here, they have right to ask us to live.
    9- every black should know where he came from, as a tour or something, they should go to africa and live there at least for 3 years. to see their own heritage and origin. they can kiss the africa and honor their fathers and build a society of their own.
    10- if u c someone loves his kind, dont tag him wid words like racist, or .... he or she has right to do that.
    11- salt has no place in icecream, if is there, complaining wont be a crime. please find where ur fathers came from, and where ur origins are, then plan to shifting there as soon as u can. u will be fully entitld to ur rights over there. not here.

  146. Anonymous1/27/2012

    This made me laugh. The white race has screwed over every nationality on this planet at least once. From the Indians who they damn near killed off, to the Jewish people, to the blacks and Asians. Not to mention killing the planet. I suggest this author gets off his high horse and realizes that if every race screwed by the white man banded together, you'd be fucked

  147. Obama is a CHRISTIAN, bitch. Where di u get he was a muslim from!Do the reaserch dumbass

  148. I just would like to say all kinds of people rape,kill,steal.ect.. its the mind not the color.iam a white young man and my father is all about white pride.. iam ashamed to claim him. I was going to see my primo in akron to pick up some weed and my primo told his black friend that it was my dad. And this white guy started talking to me as if I was some hill billy kkk member. I have not one time judged my dad but I don't ride with him ether.

    I. Blame the goverment for all this hate in the world.

    My names nathen I hope you people have a good day.

  149. Anonymous3/06/2012

    Racism exists in every race and that is very sad.. Who are we to judge others? God created us all as equal and as brothers and sisters.. We are no one to judge, we shouldn't feel that we have that right. The only one that can judge us is God and that is by the acts and sins we commit.. Crime exists in every race.. Satan doesn't go out looking for Black people to do all the dirty work . We, no matter what our color is, have a choice to do right or wrong.. Every race has their group of people that refuse to live by God's ways and choose to let Satan in their hearts.. We may look different from the outside, but from the inside we are all the same.. Our souls have no color.. No race is better than the other.. This guy's opinion doesn't upset me, not because I am not black, but because this is solely his opinion.. He is entitled to it.. However all the hatred that he carries in his heart will one day be exposed in front of the ONLY man that is here to judge us.. Chris we love you, not hate you - even with your racist ways because obviously you are lacking love in your life.. God bless you! I am proud to say that my boyfriend is Black and is the most amazing man ever. He is a dedicated cop that works nonstop 7 days a week to protect our communities. He puts his life in danger for YOU, me, US.. He is a loving father who will do anything for his child.. I don't see a color in him, I see the great heart that he has.. Don't show the world your color, instead show us the good in you... Because outside in the real world, that's how we live - blacks, whites, asians, hispanics, etc....

  150. Anonymous3/12/2012

    He for forgot peanut butter lol...what an idiot

  151. oh an for your information it was us intelligent blacks that came up with the trAffic lights, super charge system for internal combustion engines, automatic gearshift, elevators, pencil sharpeners, printing press,FOUNTAIN PEN, and william Barry invented the pastmarking and cancelling machine, without his invention you could not send letters today,oh and blacks invented the mop, dust pan, and electrical laterns, sprinkler air conditioner and refrigerator. It's so funny that people like you still exist. You are truly the definition of IGNORANT! And your absolutely right you probably "Don't see a massive relief effort in place by the Black Population of the USA to help" Because SOME of us blacks have done more than make effort we have bent over backwards to sustain and progress Americas society just like SOME white people have done the same. Its just society doesnt highlight and make known what blacks do for the community thats why you should read up and know your facts before speaking. Yes some blacks rap, sale drugs, and have bad habits but so does the rest of society. I think thats what diffrentiates us from Humans and robots, right? I mean SERIOUSLY no ones perfect. I think we can all see that from viewing this link, dude you seriously have some sick mental issues. Blacks arent going anywhere so it's just well for you to realize that. Thats just like me saying I hate whites and they are all crackers but i would be wrong because i know thats not true. My soon-to-be husband whom Ive been in love with for 6years is white. And I wouldnt give up on our love for no racially hatred idividual.

  152. Anonymous3/16/2014

    I always find it amusing how a black person can rile white people up so much.


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