Friday, June 15, 2007

SoHo Knows: Man Boobs

If the NY Times is profiling the Man Boob epidemic, then you know the First Responders are on the case. Well, actually you don't necessarily know that. But we are!
(click image for video)

First Responders

Girls Who Like Boys Who Have Boobs Like They're Girls
Does Jay-Z Have Man Boobs? [Two Girl and a Gay]


  1. I am a self proclaimed chubby chaser, so man boobs don't bother me. I mean if they are bigger than mine, well I might be jealous. However, I highly doubt you can get bigger than mine. :-) So big ups to the big guys. Ruben Studdard is a sexy man.

    5280 Princess,

    Ms. Denva

  2. Blah Blah Blah6/18/2007

    J's man boods...niiiiice.
    Beyonce knows what the eff she is doing... Millions trump abs any day of the week baby!

    I'd probably suck some man boobs for a vacation in the Turks & Caicos...
    ...but that's just me... you now... wanting to get out of the city and what not.
    If I lived back in Cal...I'd say "to hell" with some man boobs... but living in the city is call for depserate measues to get out of the rat-race...
    The again, millions? Well, I could be persuaded to do alot more than just suck on man boobs.
    I'm just sayin'!
    After all, men have more E-zones than women... I could demonstrate if needed.


  3. I had "girl boobs" when I was a lad. I wasn't fat I just had protruding nipples. They came in when I was 13.

    They were what pedophiles would call "pert".

    Real frigg'n embarrassing as hell during gym, and showers. Being a queer didn't help. Male identity hell on skates.

    They went away by the time I got drafted,...thank gawd. On the other hand I understand there's guys that pay good money to have them put in.

    Gawd is such a trickster.

  4. Hey GREAT BLOG. I just found it. Man boobs are funny. I know a guy who has them, and we call him Moobs behind his back. he thinks he has pecs...but oh no..homey needs a training bra. Bottom line is if they are just chub it's ok...but if they are breasts....that is a turn off for me personally. TAN, check out my blog...I just started it and would love to get your feedback. Canela Caramelo.

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