Wednesday, October 10, 2007

City Councilman James Oddo Ain't Nothing to F*ck Wit'

City Councilman James Oddo, Republican, blows up on some Norwegian comedy crew here. And it's awesome. Two notes:

1. Oddo represents Staten Island, aka Shaolin home of the Wu-Tang Clan. And I can totally hear the RZA or Ghostface or any of them using the same exact, um, speech patterns.

2. The Norwegian sketch group or whatever it is totally deserves this; they're doing some knock-off version of Borat, and it's not funny. I don't know how they do it in NORWEGIA or whatever, but here in the United States of Shaolin this is what you get when you ask busy people stupid questions.

Go Oddo! Throw those f'ing cameras out the window, son! Beat the f'ing ish out of them, yo! Break those fools! Let them know: Big Joe Oddo ain't nothing to f wit' ...

Now everybody hold a "J" and an "O" in the air while we watch this video.


  1. Dayum! he's gangstaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Bring the h*********in' ruckus.

  3. Excellent, very funny.

    Occasionally - and only *very* occasionally - I gotta love the American way... You would NEVER see one of our repressed public schoolboy stiff upper lip British politicians keeping it so real!

  4. Mike Shor10/10/2007

    Honestly, I think he took it pretty well. ODB would be proud.

  5. J to the O...respect the pimp hand!!
    This may be the only republican I have any respect for.

  6. oh snap! i work for and with elected officials and i would straight work for free to see something like this go down.

    and they all drop the f bomb like it's the only word they know.

  7. Anonymous10/10/2007


  8. DAYM!!!!

    Does James Oddo have to choke a b****?

    Staten Island Republicans don't play, ya'll!!

  9. yo.... YO, that mu fucka is the shit. I seriously could see one of the wu bretheren flippin out over some silly foreign shit like that.

  10. This is actually one of the skits on Incarcerated Scarfaces.

    "Yo, WTF you doin'. This is my block son . . ."(slap)

  11. Get the fuck out of my office, before I throw your fucking camera out the window - and beat the fucking shit out of you!


    Anthony Oddo Gets Gangsta!!!!

    Is he officially a member of the Wu Tang Clan - and the Soprano Family - now???

  12. I meant JAMES Oddo - Anthony's his dad (and an even bigger badass!!!)


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