Monday, October 01, 2007

Kanye Destroys SNL

If you didn't see SNL this weekend, it was hosted by Lebron James with Kanye West as the musical guest. Lebron fumbled the ball a little, Crash & Learn styley, but Kanye kills it. His sketch was easily the best, and then he goes off the dome in his second performance of the night. More on this to come, but here are the vids:


  1. Thanks for posting these. I had to pass on the late shows cause I had to get up early for work, lol.


  2. This was really good and very well done on all ends. they didn't coon him out either, which is always good ...

  3. I do believe that Kanye has resurrected SNL from the ashes. This was the funniest SNL I've seen in years and that Mahmoud digital short was up there too.

  4. Kanye is crazy for that LOL always do it movin'

    Ms P

  5. mermaidintherudder10/02/2007

    yup, missed it and am so glad you clipped it
    bazillion thanks


  6. I kind of stopped watching SNL then I get glimpses of them actually doing a good job then I get tempted. Still not going to watch, will wait for someone to say they had a good one and watch it on You Tube or something. Kanye shocked me well played my friend. SNL is all about making fun of yourself and he did. Freestyle at the end. BRAVO BRAVO
    Might go buy the album. MIGHT MIGHT


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