Thursday, October 11, 2007

Miss Information Hooks You Up With Bacon & Loving

One of the staples over at Nerve is Miss Information's dating advice column. And this week she's celebrating National Pork Month by helping single "best friends" and "bartenders" get "porked."

Now all those words are in quotes because I think ideally she'd hook up someone's best friend, who's also a bartender, and they'd end up getting some porking on, nationally, for a month, or more. But nothing is being held to the letter of the law here; its all in good fun so long as you're wearing your bacon deodorant.

In any case the guidelines for the contest are listed on her myspace blog, along with a couple of the contestants posted this week. So if you want to submit a single friend (or bartender), or yourself, email her at:

In addition to finding love and a bacon wallet (really!), you'll also be featured in a Miss Info column ... and we all know what that means. I dare not speak anymore on the subject.

So once again: Miss Info! Looking for singles! Good times to follow! So go get some action in your (or your friend's) life, and check her out.

Help Your Single Friends Get Porked
[Miss Info Myspace]

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