Thursday, October 11, 2007

Star Wars: Revenge of the Trumpet

Best Week Ever found and nailed the analysis of this video. But after reading it, I just don't know if I should clue you in on whether this is really Stupendous, or Stupendously Awful. Seems like the surprise and suspense could be an added bonus. So I guess I'll only say that you definitely want to watch the video below and find out.

UPDATE: I guess a teaser on the laser-blaster pantomime and Charlie Chaplin impression is also necessary. NOW go watch:

SPOILER ALERT: My favorite comment is this one about the dog attacking the computer speakers upon hearing the performance.

Most Amazing Video Of A Girl Playing Star Wars On The Trumpet EVER [BWE]


  1. my ear's OMFG save the childern!

  2. effing incredible! charlie chaplin just rolled over in his grave.

  3. Look at it ths way. She'kinda cute, and she's hitting notes unbeknownst to mankind which makes her unique.Blowing maybe an area of expertise for her just maybe not that horn.

  4. What the hell? Did she like smash her trumpet into the floor five minutes before the performance? That's the only way to produce those sounds.

    I've played trumpet. It ain't that hard. You suck lady.

    I'll admit the entire performance was a cute idea, if not a little retarded.

    My suggestion, lady: learn to play your instrument before you embarass yourself on stage like that again.


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