Thursday, June 15, 2006

Craigslist Comedy: Writers Needed

A fair amount of people mine the CraigsList for content. I might start doing the same if I continue to see postings like this one I saw in the writing/gigs section:
Okay, so here's the lowdown. Besides making a really cute couple, my girlfriend and I are both really funny. A lot of times we find ourselves wishing our friends could be more like us. I don't mean that in a negative, arrogant way because I love our friends, but my girlfriend and I are so witty that we usually steal the show. I'm a pretty accomplished comedy writer. I have had jokes published in Reader's Digest and I was the runner up in the annual Omaha, Nebraska "Funniest Guy on the Farm" competition. I recently had a great idea for a variety show that my girlfriend and I could cohost. When we get together, there is a great comedic energy. We'll do funny things like talk to each other in strange, high-pitched voices and finish each other's sentences with unfavorable content. For instance, if I was going to say, "Today I went to the mall," my girlfriend might finish my sentence with, " the laundromat after I pooped in my pants!" Since I was unable to establish that I went to the mall, the sentence sounds like I said, "Today I went to the laundromat after I pooped in my pants!" Our antics never fail to make our friends laugh and I truly think they would be just as funny on television. The name of our show is "Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper."
The request continues here

I think this has to be a brilliant joke, but it would be oh-so-sweet if it wasn't. Anyone looking to get on board the "Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper" locomotive do get in touch, and do, please, let me know about it...

"We'll Work Out The Financial Details"


  1. YES!!! This sounds super funny! I am SO funny, TOO!!! Many people have split their sides over my words. Eveyone that works for me tells my I am the funniest guy they know, YES!!! If you need help on any humorous topics, I'd be happy to assist. (I recently realized how funny I am, so I am now taking strides to perfect it! YES!!!)

  2. Anonymous6/15/2006

    is david brent making another show?

  3. Anonymous6/15/2006

    That can't be real. No f-ing way... "Funniest guy on the Farm?" C'mon...

  4. AN:
    Reader's Digest jokes?? Give me a break. The only thing not funnier than Readers Digest jokes are the jokes in the back of Ladies Home Journal.

  5. I assume a joke. It is funny, like jokes sometimes are. Then again, human beings are totally capable of being unintentionally hilarious in pathetic ways, which would be the case if this were for real.

  6. Anonymous6/16/2006

    this is great to me. i think it has to be fake also. i mean, really.

  7. Anonymous6/16/2006

    very funny. maybe it is real. maybe they are that funny. i'm gonna submit my application

  8. Anonymous6/21/2006

    I think my wife and I are sooo funny that we need help because we can't do it ourselves. Is that what they're saying?
    If it's not a joke, it is now!

  9. Anonymous2/11/2007

    It would be pretty funny... I mean pretty sad if that really was made into a show. Besides, aren't Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper already established characters on Blue's Clues? I smell a lawsuit.

  10. Derek Thompson6/24/2009

    In the words of the late, great Charlie Brown: Good grief! I realise my years of hard graft as a gag writer have all been wasted. Now that I've heard of salt and pepper I guess I'll go hit the sauce. Still, my condiments to them for trying.

  11. Anonymous7/13/2010

    Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper... no offense intended... but are we to assume that you are White and your wife is Black? I think the concept for the show has a lot of potential. Like you could start a sentence with... "I was gonna become a comedy writer"... then your wife finishes the sentence with "but then the rent was due"


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