Sunday, May 03, 2009

100 Days In the Year One of Our Lord Obama

Obama called me and was like, "yo, why do you not have some pictures up from my first 100 days? don't make me come down there!" So here we go ...

Lawson curates a nice set from the official White House flickr stream of the first 100 days of Mr. Obama's term as emperor pope and high priest. But honestly, most of the full gallery is awesome and worth peeping. And considering photos from election day, and inauguration day, and puppy day, it all makes you wonder if it's possible to take a picture of Mr. B and his family without it having emotional gravitas out the as (don't know how to code that for the full joke).

Makes me think of a new Parlor Game for the kids (do they still have those, parlors?): swap shots of the Obama family into the picture frames and albums of your family and friends and see if they care. They might think it's better! (They won't really, but it's telling that instead of calling you an asshole they'll chuckle and just put their pictures back. Maybe even let the Obamas ride for a few days before fixing.) All races can play!

PLEASE tell me Obama's about to start a clothing label

aww shit, someone done f'd up now. how often do we think this face come out?

how to be The Man (pt. 1)

Wow, that's a nice office in an airplane

still playing the hard shirt-tucked-in defense; obviously "change" has not spread to jump-shooting white folks yet

this image here is the one black people have been missing in their history

I have to help you move the couch? Like, me? Seriously? Isn't there—ok, fine

I got an office in a plane, but the entertainment center needs work

still feeling on the booty. notice guy in the background has to look away

so, um, i just get to walk into any room i please? is that how this works?

this gallery does a good job of making The White House feel accessible, they should do a Cribs

if you're a rock star you MUST have a hot-like-fire signature


  1. Anonymous5/03/2009

    LOVED the subtitles!

    "Still feeling on the booty" LMAO!!

  2. Nice work, TAN. Feeling the weekend Gawker material as well.

  3. Great re-cap! The subtitles were awesome!!


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