Monday, May 11, 2009

T-Mobile: Keeping You Connected with the Fake Karaoke Crowd

So I guess this T-Mobile Sing-Along *artificial flashmob* has been divisive. Some people are finding the clip below (and other packaged melodrama relateds) inspirational. Some are finding it contrived.

Think I'm in the Felix Salmon camp in calling it overproduced. Also "FAIL" or "weaksauce" or whatever the kidz r saying these days. Don't get me wrong, I'm no flashmob purist or anything; if you told me the idea on paper, or after a few drinks, I could see giving you a hi-five and legitimately thinking it was cool. I'm not anti-peace, jumping double-dutch with strangers in the street or whathaveyou. But in execution, it just doesn't translate.

Mainly I keep feeling confused about the scope of the project. I'm pretty sure it's a few thousand people in a square doing karaoke. But i feel like it should be, like, a whole continent, or hemisphere or something, doing it via some sort of fancy live-feed transmission, courtesy of t-mobile. but that doesn't appear to be the case. Sheeit, people are doing this sort of thing every day on facebook, just out of boredeom. I ain't 'bout to change phone providers over it. this "flash mobaoke"-as-epic would be like your boyfriend telling you he's going to make you breakfast in bed, and then he throws on bittersweet symphony, and his satin robe in slow motion, and he looks like Bradzel Washingpitt, all to come back with a limp dick, some leftover backwash from his glass of OJ, and a packet of sunmaid raisins. You don't totally want to complain -- it's Bradzel Washingpitt, after all, and the song and slo-mo stuff are nice -- but you do feel a little duped. Thesep roducers at least need to slip some Obama (tm) footage in there or something. Go for the gusto if you're gonna go. Get some doves, and some tear-gas and make it REAL, son. Didn't the beloved Bea Arthur just pass (rip). I think she was on t-mobile.

Really though, it's the Beatles who might be overdone on the emotional push-buttoning tip. T-Mobz might have fixed this all proper with better song selection. For example:

Rehab Video

Everyone knows these songs! you can still contrive without being so heavy-handed about it. yay!

Jesus walks with T .... mobile *ding*.


  1. Anonymous5/11/2009

    Even better would be Lil Wayne song.

  2. Sigh. I love the song AND the video.

  3. Anonymous5/11/2009

    Or the KRS version of the "Hey Jude" riff. "We take the wackest songs, and make them better"

  4. How about Love Lockdown with Obama singing the featured "Pink" part?

  5. Anonymous5/11/2009

    ^^^ How about "shut the fuck up, t-mobile"?

  6. I can haz Bradzel Washingpitt?

    In spite of the unfortunate frankensurname?



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