Friday, May 15, 2009

Madonna's New Girl Is Kinda Hot

And she might have more cadonkadonk than Biel.

Guess it might be time to let that J-train leave the station, and clear out room for the Amber-Phatty Express.

via: Yeezy


  1. you are late on this TAN5/15/2009

    not Madonna's new girl, Kanye'sShe definitely has some cadonkadonk though. Jessica Who?

  2. d'oh! gotta yell at my gossip intern.

    tempted to change the headline, but i'm not. it still alludes to the possibility of madonna trying to steal her, or the ambiguity of the relationships.

    madonna understandably trying to steal some of the cadonk

  3. Not just back, TAN, she's got front also.


  4. wow. yeah, i guess i had seen that somewhere.

    all this talk just makes me want to go back to the motherland of Caucasia.

  5. Anonymous5/15/2009

    Damn, she's like the Sinead O'Connor 5000 or some shit.


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