Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How To Get Negros, or Anyone for that Matter, Out the Hood

I never posted pics from Costa Rica. Think I've been saving to figure out some "TAN Guide to ..." packaging. But I'm pretty sure the highlight would be the iphone snapshots of this feller:

Can't help but think that if you saw one of these pop out of some crack in your crib, in the projects (or whatever impoverished urban city-complex thingamajiggy you live in) you would most assuredly be living on Park Avenue (or whatever upscale urban location presumed to not have jurassic-era insects) by the next day. New job, new attitude, new everything. Want to pick up the productivity and economy? Make some advanced wolverine-caliber roaches. Problem solved.


  1. A light brown giant rhinoceros of a beetle? I think Brother Beetle is well assimilated.

  2. The sound you hear is my sphincter screaming.

  3. Ok that's wolverine roach comment is hilarious!


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