Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Happy to Report: LOLBlacks Does Exist

word from above is that "NEGROPEDIA" still might not clear customs as the title of my book, so i've been b-storming alternates. In churning out names i thought of "LOLBlacks"; and then thought it wouldn't fit my book, but would be a brilliant negro-derivative meme.

As to be expected, someone's already on it. I can't tell when it started -- no wiki, myspace acct is dead -- but the site content copyright says 2008. There's a fair amount of photo repetition, so i guess it's not stuffed with inventory, but some def lols to be had:



  1. Nobody's commented yet because your white readers don't know if we're allowed to laugh at this.

  2. ha. also, i didn't post the best ones. saved a couple to use for posts or something else *larger than life*.

  3. that dude5/15/2009

    Screamingly funny.

  4. Anonymous5/15/2009

    that little boy in the last picture...i love him.

  5. Lord Quas5/31/2009

    HAHAH! Nice site.


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