Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Most Powerful Muscle in Human Advertising is the Female Ass-Crack

My boy Copyranter gets cheeky with a couple new entries from his Ass-vertising beat. It really is amazing the power of a female ass crack to generate commerce, good will, scientific formulas etc. Mostly, though, I'm just glad I don't need to wear what's-tighter-than-skin-tight jeans to look hot.

Of course ass-imprints are nothing new. I think this is an old Levis ad.

Damn, makes me want to go buy a back-pocket RIGHT NOW! Hmmm, I also need shoes. Can someone sell me some nice shoes.

Yeah, that's a nice shoe. Just what I was looking for. And it's cool, I only need one. (I also like this ad because it's so obviously aiming for "classy." Bullseye!)

This one above I don't even know what they're trying to sell me. I guess a bridge or something? Whatever it is: SOLD! I would indeed like to buy the bridge that leads me to Perfect Asstopia Shangri-La-Heavenville.

What's I find amazing, artistically speaking -- after all, when we speak of ass-vertising, we speak of art! -- is how creative art/visual direction can make gratuitous ass usage feel, i don't know, OK! I mean, you could use that frilly-laced ass as a centerpiece on your family thanksgiving dinner table. It's beautiful! In contrast, American Apparel are the masters of finding the perv line and crossing it.

That last one, really?!!? That has to be illegal. And there is a definitely a woman crying somewhere at the sight of it. Who approves that?

Anyarse, these are just a few shots culled from the Copyranter assvertising collection. So go there for further research and analysis. In the meanwhile, I've developed an odd hankering for hiking boots. So I'm gonna go scratch that itch.


  1. from the inbox: In case you were wondering, the bethonged ass decorated with the tattoo that looks like a bridge is advertising a career conference as part of a site dedicated to hooking up students and companies and says, "Truly, we're a serious career forum."

  2. you're fucking cute

  3. So hott, y'all! Trade blog links? nixonsblanktape.blogspot.com


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