Monday, May 04, 2009

Underground Rappers Finally Learning How to Sell Albums in America

No disrespect to Big Pooh of Little Brother, but there's little question he's got a steep hill ahead of him trying to move copies of his album without Phonte or 9th Wonder.

Time to break out the big guns then:

now that's a mixtape i can get behind! if you know what i'm saying! well, DO YOU????

Prince Paul knows what i'm talking about.

via: Bol


  1. Anonymous5/04/2009

    Why the White chick? *sigh*

  2. Anonymous5/04/2009

    What is that, exactly, on her body? Doesn't look like the standard dirt and grime.

  3. King Peter5/05/2009

    That Prince Paul flyer is great. I wonder if he'll do that again this year.

  4. Nupealot5/06/2009

    Don't sleep on the album it is tight.

  5. Lord Quas5/31/2009

    This is more of a "street album" (aka an album that isn't really an album).

    Haven't listened to it yet, but i loved his Sleepers album.

    Also TAN, check is Delightful Bars mixtape if you haven't already.


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