Saturday, June 17, 2006

Do All Caucasian Females Secretly Desire To Be Black Rappers, Or Just These Girls?

This trend of ANYONE rapping is really getting interesting.

Perhaps you've seen this, perhaps not, but here's a woman spitting a hot traffic-report freestyle.

So the question is, do you trade lacrosse in harlem parking lots for every rhythmless spaz taking at stab at the microphone?

The Assimilation Exchange. Forget AMEX, it's all about ASS-EX. Does the ASS-EX favor negro or caucasian? Tempting to say negro. We do get to share in the laugh on Jodie and the Eminettes and gain a sport. But some [of us] may be like I TAKE THIS HIP HOP SHIT SERIOUS SON!! This is the cost of mainstream appeal. Feels like your converting a nice balanced meal into popcorn and candy. More people may buy it, but is it good?

Who knows? I just highlight the words and make the links.

Ladies & Germs I Present , The Eminettes!!!
You Kids Go Play In That Parking Lot. Yeah, The One With The Cars [TAN]


  1. Anonymous6/18/2006

    OMG, For the first time in my life I'm actually speechless.

    What was she doing?

    Why does she think its funny?

    The stereotypes!!!


  2. I'm down with enimen myself, but beyond that, it appears white people are incapable of rapping without making complete asses of themselves. I don't know why. I don't know if it's a genetic thing, or a social thing, but to all aspiring (especially female) white rappers:

    Step away from the microphone!
    Do. Not. Attempt. To. Rap.

    The Weather girl was just insulting. Jody Foster, who I think is a decent actress, should have known better. It's just... bad.

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  4. Sorry. Blogger is wonky right now. It posted my comment twice.

  5. Anonymous6/19/2006 have not seen any Latino gangsta rappers.

    Sad...very sad

  6. Anonymous6/19/2006

    love the eminettes line. this is definitely getting out of control.

  7. That clip will haunt her for the rest of her career...actually, the rest of her natural life. And you know who really suffers? Her husband and kids if she has any...

  8. The Beatnuts are actually decent as far as latino rappers go, but for the most part...bleh. (Remember Kid Frost?)

  9. Anonymous6/19/2006

    Oh dear.

    The shark has officially been jumped.

    Is there anyway to put a stop to this? How am I supposed to sleep at night now?

  10. Anonymous6/20/2006

    Just when I thought that we white-skinned folks were learning, you help me realize that I'm wrong. I promise that I will never try to rap. Promise.

  11. Disturbing, although I can't say I'm completely innocent.

    I just started working as a waiter as a summer gig. The other night I was dropping dishes off in the back when one of the dishwashers started singing "From the weave to the fake eyes to the fake nails, down to the toes" to which I added "Ha ha ha ha! We love deez hoes." He laughed his ass off and was impressed I knew it but I felt...I don't know, what's the word I'm looking for...white? I was trying to be funny and it worked, but it doesn't change the fact that I was and will forever be white.

  12. Love the guy in the end - that's 'weather man'...

  13. I am in tears over that video. It is a little cringe-inducing, but mostly hilarious. I couldn't do any better than her, so I can't criticize.


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