Wednesday, April 18, 1990

Blogging All Over NY

BLogging All OVer New York (Lyrics)

where's the audio


they act like stars
dodgeballing at the back of the bar
you know who we are
cause we’re blogging all over new york

all over new york baby
center of the universe
the blogging here is so crazy right now
that’s why, when I see a girl
i walk right over to her
i’m like yo …

waddup girl, I’m a blogger
assimilated negro looking for fodder
and I’m not your average ipodder
kicking some game
you know my shit’s smart, funny,
plus a little insane
see TAN is running this town
and if you got some wi-fi
I could show you around
that’s why anywhere online
you’ll be thinking of me
there's so many blogrolls with people linking to me
they really digging my shit
guys want to get me drinks
girls show me their tits
I’m fueled by NY
can’t fuck with the sticks
trying to hit these hipster chicks
in the basement of Lit
the assimilated negro dot com
I swear it
now you know the URL
go share it
make sure you tell them how your boy got flows
scripts and videos
Gonna …


you hear the song so dance
go on and shake your ass like monkeys up in your pants
cause see me
I’m blogging in 3-d
popping out like titties on an IJC
word, my words overheard on the streets
where they bump my nerve shit
from the curb to the beach
but you can reach me downtown
with that smart-ass banter
talking shit, taking shots with the copyranter
this is what we do now
these real New Yorkers
know your blog ain’t shit
until it’s linked on gawkerthat’s how I shake it up
get the dough and rake it up
beefing on the street
you bretter break it up
gonna need some taping up
smelling salts for waking up
stories that I tell
you can’t make it up
this is live no satellite
flow so satin-like
for my sharp tongue young manhattanites

(sketch break)

Verse 3

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