Thursday, April 19, 1990

TAN's 21 Questions

where's the audio?

New York City …
you are now rallying …
with The Assimilated

when I blog sometimes I twist the la
write posts on my I-book g5
it’s all white, like these girls that’s on my jock
I don’t know son, it makes no sense to me
hope you got everything you need cause I
am so broke it might even make you cry
I got some questions that I gotta ask and I
don’t give a fcuk what you give as an answer baby

It’s easy to love TAN
But what if I’m not a brand
Just a man
Would you still have love for me
Can you get me a Ketel-cran?
The official drink of TAN
So scram
And show your love for me

Verse 1

if I got AIDS tomorrow
would you still touch me?
if I lost both my arms
would you still hug me?
if I got knocked into a coma for half a century
could I count on you to still have respect for me mentally?
if I killed the prez
i’m on the run from the feds
would you mind wearing a beard
and growing some dreds?
if I give you a black eye
you wearing glasses to hide?
if you caught me cheating
would you let it slide?
if I got you a fake bag for $5.99
are you giving me head
or starting to whine?
what if you work a tough job
straight walking with blisters
while I’m home, unemployed
banging your sister?
if I bite off your tongue
would you bite back???
if I nut in your eye
would you wipe that???
I could piss in your mouth
you know a nightcap???
might pass a little gass
I know you like that ...


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