Saturday, April 07, 1990

Vitaminwater/Snap (lyrics)

hold up son. where's the audio.

what’s the formula yo?
it’s formula 5-0
prepare to dance
for enhanced h-2-o
yo, from Glaceau
little more than a peso
drop it like it’s hot
drink it when we say so


hip-hop nation
prepare for hydration
you know Jor-El done crept into the station
and I got my VitaminWater
better than the kind that you’re bored of
if you know the time you won’t stop the recorder
cause we’re keeping a tape of
this here caper
like Glaceau I make paper
off of distilled vapor
in ’96 they got they shit off
swallowed what they bit off
now everyone’s a ripoff
of Darius Bikoff
I didn’t stutter or hic-cough
leave competitors pissed off
the water make ni&&as bust
and mami's rub their tits off
-- the rhyme piecing like a jigsaw
your whole brand getting carried like a rickshaw
just a marketing rap
I won’t even get sore
for sure the name Snap
expect the best and get more
but back to the beverage
for a little leverage at the bar
i told the girl it was nutrient enhanced
yo, she put her booty in my hands ….
and I was like JEEAAAHHH (this shit works)!


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