Tuesday, April 03, 1990

Got Some Nerve? (lyrics)

Got Some Nerve?

I can't read, where's the audio?

one time for your mind
two times for the show
third time's for the pride
so the fourth is for the dough
my journalism gonzo
sharper than a Hanzo
without warning
i'll leave you mourning like Alonzotoo hot to handle
like Nerve.com
ruthless, I run sh*t like Rufus Griscom
so come on into the shit storm
swarms of diphthongs
who else got the goods
plus a pitch that’s this strong?
[I] mix songs quickly
with flair for Whitneymake her toes curl
and the hair get prickly
make the spot feel tickly
[you] gonna think I’m a stalker
[when I’m] cutting out her clips in the Times and New Yorker
yo even in a walker
I’m sexual harassin'
my thoughts about Sarah Harrison
are more than embarrassin'
and girls say I’m on some ideal man sh*t
tell Ada I don’t care
unless they say it in Sanskrit
i’m too old for all that making the band sh*t
i’m on some freelance sh*t
measure my cubby in bandwidth
back to the point:
you ladies here in my apartment
[where] I want you to leave Gear
like you're Michael Martin
and I’m hoping for disrobin'
left a spot open for Tobin
rhyme provokin'
which line you quotin'
when Blue Room gets with Nerve.com

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  1. I can't tell you how awesome it is that you hotlink the lyrics.



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