Monday, April 02, 1990

Dodgeball Lyrics

I can't believe I was writing this stuff back in 1990.

Rather prescient of me.


no thanks, I prefer audio

It's not for couch potatoes
sitting home w/ wife
it’s a techno-tornado
bring your phone to life
they call it Dodgeball
who the fuck knows why
I just know the shit connects
and not just online
that means the girls are real live
looking for real guys
not lies behind a screen
with dreams they can’t realize --
you can’t touch us
sending girlies crushes
texting @ the bar
when they boyfriends rush us
everyone for ten blocks
know we caused a ruckus
guys cuss us
when they see their girls get blushes
wish she’d stop talking
all she does is gushes
“I don’t know about the song – but his lips are luscious”
a mobile menace
from Alex and Dennis
and when the ipo blows
might make Trump the apprentice
we’re here now
but the future sent us
and no, it’s not football, NBA or tennis (that)

I’m playing
He’s playing
She’s playing

2nd verse

now we playing with the big dogs
since the sale to Google
we make guys grab their d*cks
chi-chis grab their poodles
cause we’re making real plans
while other cats just doodle
and the college kids use us more than Ramen noodles
so now we’re moogles
wait – I meant mogul
from sprint to t-mobile
communicate to the global
we spread across the country
while our comp. is local
Dennis is out six nights
man that dude is loco
so pour the SoCo
drink one for the boys
only place you find Alex
at the Magician, or Floyd’s
it’s something from nothing
filling a void
program is so enhanced
it should be tested for ‘roids
it’s Jor-El, Blue Room
I just wanna be down
rapper, journalist
renaissance man of the town
and my pitch like Pedro
when I"m toeing the mound
so when I say so
just shake your ass to the sound
(that goes …)

I’m playing
He’s playing
She’s playing

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