Sunday, April 08, 1990

TAN Drunkcast (lyrics)

where's the audio???

what’s black and white
and heard all over?
TAN, Girlspoke
and ain’t no one sober
the Drunkcast
TAN, lexie, and meme
some drunk ass shit
it's too sexy for tv
you know my punk ass
must be next to a genie
to have one pouring wine
the other touching my wee-wee
these girls are so fine
my mind don’t wanna believe me
sex is getting steamy
scene's dreamy ...
dreamy …

who is he?
I’m like the online Diddy
feel the hop
my blogspot
got a hot new ditty
laptops in the promised land
to Nu Gawk City
all saying TAN’s the shit
other blogs are shitty

where the girls talk smart
and keep their blogs real pretty
i’m through the door
and four
go manicure their kitty
who got the nerve to get witty
for krucoff
or fiddy
it’s the man and the brand
named TAN
Now who’s with me?

RIP Richard Pryor

holla at girlspoke

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