Friday, April 20, 1990

My Name's Not (lyrics)

where's the audio?

hi kids,
do you like your fries big?
see I’m not good with words
but I can turn over my eyelids
like Weird Al
got imitation down to a science
not to mention
I need attention
I thought I'd try this
now on arrival
I'm gonna puncture my vitals
girls think I’m a goat
my love notes are suicidal
I think I’m a mack,
they say I’m wack with a typo
went on a date with Norman Bates,
he called me a Psycho
I tell bad jokes
have no $ to get drugs
see I’m locked in my room,
my best friend is the rug
told Sharpton I was raped by the pope
he gave me a shrug
said "make some dough"
then he’ll bring hope and a hug
I’m gonna coon
and act like a monkey
tell my crew chop me up
feed my ass to a donkey
I’m so obsessed
I vish I vas a honkey
making my voice nasal
so America wants me ....

My Name’s Not ….

battles you’re supposed to win some
but I’m losing them all
mice and roaches kicked me out told me to sleep in the hall
tv’s tell me not to stare,
radios don’t let me hear
toilet said
“no shitting on me, go talk to a chair”
and when I tried the floor said
“no stepping on me anymore”
I rhyme and free-styles
get taken back to the store
I walk in the door
everyone’s starting to snore
It’s midnight New Year’s Eve
I’m at the club with no one awake on the floor
you piss of the world?
at least you get a reaction
my joints play in spas
cause they’re mild and relaxing
jim Crow would say I’m wack
2/5 of a fraction
prayed to be an athlete
now both feet needing Tinactin
I’m just asking
What’s a brother to do?
I’m inspired by Future Sound
and y'all not having a clue
a little something
from the Blue Room crew
get with us
and you could be down too – BUT

My Name’s Not ….

stop the tune
this dude’s an imitating buffoon
don’t just stand there
do something soon
is it Blue Room
or the Temple of Doom
told my pops I was gonna rap or die
he got me a tomb
you rapper rebels
y'all prove everyone wrong
seems like we’ve never seen anger
expressed in a song
cause when I get edgy
I just volcano the bong
used to get so many wedgies
I started wearing a thong
speaking of - I’m jelly
cause Brittany Murphy’s the ish...

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  1. creative. great title.


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