Thursday, April 05, 1990



(me no read good, need audio)

a blog-rapper for hire
TAN's a sign of the times
like "Temp Blogger Fired!"
story found in The Times
we compared pens to swords
now its blogs and ak's
when they put my man A.K.
on permanent vaca
heard he got canned
had to make him a jam
he probably prayed to god
has to settle for TAN
and I arrive bearing wise words
a flow so crafty
told him, jobs are like girls
and yours was Konde Nasty
nah, she not classy
[her] armpits look grassy
wouldn't kiss her ass
covered in salt water taffy
they're crusty and nasty
hipsters call 'em crasty
these mags [that]
can you for laughing
or scratching your ass -
word to hizzy
y'all know TAN gets busy
girls in my press room
wondering who is he
it's the man who knocks your boots off
this one is for krucoff
let's have gawker throw the party
where we tear the fucking roof off

In the motherf*cking house:

The Blue Room

Gawk City
Hip Hop (is everywhere)


RIP Spinachdip NYC (and I know you're not really dead)

word to hizzy

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