Friday, January 27, 2006

Blog Improv: For Anonymous (aborted)

In the comments for my blink don't wink campaign, an enthusiastic TAN fan couldn't wait for the next post and asked if she (I assume all anons are female) could call out topics that I would subsequently respond to, thereby creating a sort of "blog improv." I said sure. And she threw out "immigration," "stroganoff," and "truth."

Unfortunately I don't have the time (really it's the money) to follow through with this as I would like. But just an intro teaser of what could have been ...
TAN once had a love. She was a foreign girl. On the run from immigration. TAN knew the love would not endure. She would be caught and deported. And his heart, indeed his ability to even feel emotions at all would be deported along with her. He could have nipped this relationship in the bud. Spared himself the heartache. But she was beautiful. And she cooked a mean stroganoff. The most compelling thing of all, however, was she spoke the truth. She always spoke the truth. She couldn’t help it. Even when the truth might cost her life...


  1. Anonymous1/27/2006

    I love it --what collaboration. I need to hear more. Will this story read like a serial?

  2. Truth Stroganoff would be a good blog name.

    Now let me wink at you: ;-)

  3. I vote for a serial also ...


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