Friday, November 10, 2006

Aries Spears: Freestyle Chameleon

If you haven't seen yet, peep Aries Spears flexing skills on Live 105 Morning Show.


  1. mermaidintherudder11/11/2006

    I only ever check the radio for Siskel & Negro movie reviews on the Live105 morning show so I missed this Ariessickness. So glad you put it up. That's fantastic.

  2. haha. that's awesome. way back when i was in hs and had nothing better to do on a saturday night, aries spears was the reason i watched mad tv.

  3. Even though I know nothing about rap, that was pretty goddamn impressive. If he'd thrown in a Ben Folds impression or maybe a bit of Weezer-based humor, I could have related to it a bit more but still... kudos to the man with turned-backwards baseball cap.

  4. This is ridicilous. You would think it was actually those rappers if you just heard the sound.

  5. OMG this is the first time I have heard this guy - he bloody ROCKS!

    Thanks again TAN for enlightening me, with England being on the forefront of hip-hop culture, I need to get my news from somewhere!


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