Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ghetto Pass: Livery "Gypsy" Cabs

As TAN awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gypsy cab driver...

I wanted to lead with something like that and make this week's GP a little different. But I stuck with the program:
Sometimes you want to expand your cultural horizons, but you lack the tools. If you stop your typical yellow-cab on the street, it's very likely you'll be inhaling exhaust and burning rubber as they peel out before you can even say "Bedstuy Do or Die please." Enter Gypsy Cabs, like ghetto Charons ferrying you into Hades, these cabs shuttle around in territory where yellow cabs act, ... well yellow. Add in the flexible price plan, honey maple spice air freshener, and radio station locked into WBLS and you start to get an idea for why New Yorkers everywhere are starting to let the Canaries drive by in favor of "Going Gypsy!" So all aboard, and leave your token cab-hailing caucasian behind, they won't be needed. Your unmetered smellgood ghetto-chariot awaits.

Ghetto Pass: Gypsy Cabs [Gawker]

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  1. Where I live, I look like all the cab drivers. Except for my teeth. I find that this helps me to get the best fare. I have pledged myself to marriage to a few drivers; I am cheap but I got to my final destination.

  2. Anonymous11/30/2006

    Ooh TAN, much better. Some nice writing and the Greek mythology references are hot.

  3. Tan, I definitely like the vision with the ghetto pass series. I, too, have been writing a series. You might of heard about it, Snatch The Du-rag. Anyway, you can read my latest column via Dallaspenn


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