Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ghetto Pass: Extracurricular

So this week's installment of Ghetto Pass is on The Corner Bodega.
"NY ain't the same, it's OT playa
you can go and cop coke from the corner bodega..."

- 50 Cent, Corner Bodega

On the surface you might think the Corner Bodega (Co-Bo) is just another wiki-able oasis of convenience. A sort of de facto ghetto 7-11. But, like the big rock in the forest, a look underneath reveals a self-sufficient ecosystem of subterranean life. Home of the 2 for $1 special, the Corner Bodega is the ghetto chamber of food and commerce for marginalized gentri-folk and ne'er-do-wells alike. Typically open through the wee hours, and stocked with all the bare essentials -- food, alcohol, horny-goat weed -- Corner Bodegas are not only a full service resource, but a genuine lifesaver.

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Some interesting links were dug up in doing some Corner Bodega research:

This guy does some interesting Bodega based art [BodegArt]

I ended up cutting some bits about the Corner Bodega as a front for weed spots and numbers spots. Ultimately I had the 50 quote, and do think, as with the loosey cig, those bodegas are becoming extinct.

Apparently the Corner Bodega might be under siege. "The corner store vs. market reality" [The Real Deal]

I also cut bits about the gross lack of fresh food/produce at bodegas, but the Huffington Post has an interesting blog about a program to get more organic and healthy stock. "Foodies in 'da Hood"

Finally Ezra Klein explains "Why Immigrants Run Bodegas."

Ghetto Pass: The Corner Bodega
Ghetto Chinese Spot Excess [TAN]


  1. Anonymous11/16/2006

    It's pretty amazing how all of these corner bodegas are the same. When you go in there, you're usually the only one buying something. Everyone else is watching the baseball game or chatting in spanish. When they do buy something...cigars, candy, and above all lottery tickets! I love when a young mami walks in, doesn't even acknowledge that you are waiting to pay for something, walks in front of you reading her magic lottery numbers off a scrap of paper. Point of confusion again...I always hear the older ricans talking about money but using the word Peso instead of dollar. Never knew they were so mathmatically inclined that they could instantly calculate the conversion. Always a cat in there. Always loud music. Always a baseball game. Always a bunch of old dudes. A "Hot" sandwich takes about 15-20 mins. Oh, and lots of times young ricans will come in and simply ask for "One" always preceded by "give me". "One" in my hood is referring to One Dutch Cigar. And with the "give me", or "lemme git", you will never hear anything else unless it's the spanish equivalent. You will never hear anyone say "could I have". If you're a white girl and you walk in a CoBo, catcalls all around and blatant staring at the ass. It's a given. Expired food all around. Good beer prices however. I saw this young rican walk in the other day and he said "lemme git una bagel with cream cheese"...these kids are the future of tomorrow.

  2. Anonymous11/16/2006

    Love your blog, but your ignorance on this post BAFFLES me. 'Spanish dude,' what's up with that? I know you are trying to be funny, but don’t sacrifice accuracy. Spanish is someone from Spain, last time I checked, Ricans did NOT come from Spain. The term is Hispanic.

  3. Actually, the term is latino. Hispanic means descendent from Spain.

    Look up latino v. hispanic for some color on this. Then let "Spanish Dude" ride, b/c it's not a big deal.

  4. no doubt on the latino vs. hispanic. should have added the quote marks.

  5. Bravo! Much better than last week. Also who knew there was so much blogging research done on the bodega thing?

  6. My favorite in Florida had pickled eggs, flip flops, and pipes. And homemade empenadas. Sublime.

  7. I love your blog. Makes me miss home. I'ma be commin through more often...

  8. Oh and umm.. I'm taking the bodega art link and posting on it.. I fuckin luv it! And I HATE what gentrification is doin to our hoods...

  9. "i live the bodega and say 'suave'"
    -- Guru on "Dwyck"

    Hispanic comes from the word Hispaniola... the island that consists of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

    i am a new yorker who now lives in Virginia. man i miss bodegas. 7-11 is way too expensive and never has the right treats.


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