Tuesday, November 21, 2006

DO NOT Touch My Girl!

If someone touches your lady, there's really no need to ask questions.

This guy is the stuff fairytales are made of ...


  1. Is that his new girl? We've been through for awhile now, but I still get jealous sometimes.

  2. Anonymous11/21/2006


    wow. don't fuck with that guy.

  3. mermaidintherudder11/21/2006

    my kinda man

  4. Dayum.
    That's disturbing, no?

  5. thats my word....go ahead, be.

  6. if you reach out, be prepared to raise up. kid needs to work on his defense skills.

  7. I love it.

    I'd be totally turned on if my boyfriend did this.

  8. I'm totally missing something, maybe because I don't have sound, but it looked like he was gesturing and accidentally knocked her. For that the other guy went nuts on *both* guys? WTF? I mean, I know some women get turned on by mentally unstable/jailbound dudes, but...

    Captcha says "am sxy"! Perfect!

  9. What I don't get is how a camera is trained on these two as the thing unfolds. Smells of one of those set-ups on America's Funniest Home Videos. "Oops - I chopped down a tree and it fell on my car! I guess I'm stupid to chop down a tree in front of my car! Oh, and I had a camera rolling as I was chopping down a tree in front of my car."

  10. Anonymous11/21/2006

    How many guys amped up after watching this will try the same thing and have their asses beat?

    I'm going outside to knock into passing couples right now...

    I imagine people are kidding when they say this turns them on. How can random bullshit fighting turn anyone on? This is the kind of thing that I hate about clubs-- people take this shit way too serious, and they have women folk that spur them on. Sad.

  11. Anonymous11/27/2006

    I'm calling bullshit on this one you can see the guy who hes talking to tell him that the couple is coming... unless you are a 10th degree black belt... dont not try this at home you will get ur ass whipped!

  12. Anonymous11/29/2006

    The guy "touching" the other dude's lady looks like either 1)an accident or 2) staged and faked.
    DUMB. As a hot woman, if my boyfriend did this, I'd ditch him immediately for absolute stupidity. Now, if some guy intentionally grabs a body part or deliberately assaults me, I'd be very appreciative of my guy stepping in to help a lady out, but believe me, I'd have one boot heel up the offender's ass myself.


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