Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ku Klux Kramer: The Saga Continues

Lukas Kaiser has made an amusing moshup/remix of Kramer's Racist Rant(™), and some clips from Seinfeld.

Found via Gawker, Complex

Also, here's a post with "Kramer's" apology on Letterman, which is fascinating in its own right, for the studio laughter, and his subsequent vehemence in trying to express ... I don't know what he was trying to express actually.

Kramer Is A Racist ... Remix [LukasKaiser]
Michael Richards Apologizes to Afro-Americans For Force-Field Of Hate
Ku Klux Kramer [TAN]


  1. it's a problem, whenever anything interesting or awful happens I can't wait to read your take on it. I think I have a crush on your blog. promise you wont tell, k?

    oh yeah, that Kramer mixtape should be funny.
    He is violently angry. Everyone in that room shoulda been on their feet walking out. That man should not be on Letterman, he shouldn't be allowed to associate with the general public.

    this stuff leaves an awful crawl to my skin that I can't shake off.


  2. read http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-ridley/a-couple-of-n-words-wal_b_34664.html
    and I don't agree with the writer at all. Two of my favorite men are comedians in SF. I been pretty regular with SF comedy clubs and have a small sense of the social setting.
    I don't like hecklers but Richards has no ground. I don't care at all if his hecklers used any slurs. There are too many differences, too many factors to look at it like all things are equal. They aren't.


  3. I wonder what they said or did ? to make him go so totally nuts !.


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