Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jimmy Kimmel vs. Gawker

I will be revisiting this incident between Gawker editor Emily Gould and late night guy Jimmy Kimmel, but just posting the vid now for safekeeping:


  1. Anonymous4/18/2007

    mmmmmm. she did not come off well there. but then again who is Jimmy Kimmell to start acting so holy?! --didn't he used to be on a completely misogynistic program where large breasted women jumped up and down in the background? on which it was assumed that a woman's worth was based on her looks? what differentiates his humor from emily's? they both are people whose talent/reknown lies in demeaning others.

  2. Speaking of blurring the lines between journalism and entertaiment, when did Jimmy Kimmel start hosting shows on CNN? And when did he become such a stuffy douchebag?

  3. I'm confused. Was that the Adult w/Chicken in Gravy or the Active Maturity w/Beef in Gravy?

  4. all i wanted her to say
    to him was:

    jimmy, just because you wear suspenders and ask questions doesn't make you a crusading journalist.

  5. Anonymous4/25/2007

    Want to her to say NO to CNN's hair team!


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