Monday, April 02, 2007

TAN & Okayplayer Making The World A Better Place

So on Friday I posted here and on okayplayer about helping Shaquanda Cotton.

On Saturday Shaquanda Cotton was released after spending a year in prison. This Tribune article makes no mention of us, but we had to help right?

Wonderful that this story, THIS PROBLEM, is finally on the road to being rectified, but the Tribune story on her release reveals more on how ridiculous it was for this girl to even be in this situation:

Since she has been in prison, Shaquanda Cotton said that she had grown despondent surrounded by other youths who were hardened criminals, and that she had tried to commit suicide. Her sentence, which ultimately was up to the discretion of prison officials, had twice been extended, first because she would not admit her guilt as required by prison regulations and then because she was found with "contraband" in her cell -- an extra pair of socks.

What prison officials extended this girls sentence because of an extra pair of socks? Unless they have a good alibi they deserve to be put in prison themselves.

Anyjail, Shaquanda is free. Yay!

Our work here is done ... for now.

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  1. YAAAAY,

    Grass roots efforts kick butt. I will just say we did it, because just getting the word out can do so much.

    Ms. Denva


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