Monday, January 28, 2008

Aesop Rock: Pigs

Artist: Aesop Rock. If there's a Mt. Rushmore for white alt-intellectual hip hop, he's on it. I like this video, though the time lapse conceit for a full 4:30 is kinda lazy. Can I get one cut-away to a booby or a slam dunk or something? But the final picture's cool! That said, I disagree with Jeff's perfunctory ejaculations(?), and will chalk the superlatives up to caucasian affirmative action. Which is cool. But this vid is certainly not for everyone. And it's not better than your favorite rapper's video if your favorite rapper is any good...

BUT: 5-10 years ago the "not for everyone" sentiment would have been cause for frustration for the artists. Now it's embraced in our "niche new media economy." It's funny that the different context doesn't really change the success level of these indie-alt artists -- Aesop Rock would sell the same in any era -- but it gives them less to complain about. Less whining about "The System," and more looking in the mirror figuring out if you're really connecting with people like that.

blah blah, me smarty-arty negro ...[grunt]... me post video cause I like:

via: the Passion


  1. Very good points. Perceptive as always TAN.

    To be clearer, I was more referring to Aesop's entire videography if you will (is there a word for a video discography?).

    Granted, "Pigs" isn't his best. It's probably his worst actually.

    Check out None Shall Pass

    And the original of the bunch, made for five bucks but still really cool.

    "Abandon All Hope"

    There's a bunch more on Youtube. I'll spare you.

    As for cracker affirmative action, well, truth be told, I thought Aesop was black until I saw him in concert in 02 (ah the days before the Internet explosion), but once I found out he was repping for whitey, perhaps it did give him a bonus point or two. I've rapped quite a bit in my day and let's just say it does not come easy for those of us that lack melanin. See MC Paul Barman.

    It's sort of like how I explain to people that I'm 6'3" but Jewish, which means that I'm really 6'5 by WASP standards.

  2. Anonymous2/05/2008

    I respect Aesop Rock's ability for rhyme patterns and delivery, but I can't always get past the context with which he uses the words. Like it's almost like he's so esoteric only he understands and everyone else is left to make educated guesses. But, I think he's talented. But all my white friends who are into Hip Hop think he is one of the best if not the best Rapper ever. And I'm like why?

  3. Anonymous4/05/2012

    The time lapse of the creation of a piece of art is lazy, but throwing in some tits or a show off slam dunk somehow gives the production of this piece more of an effort? Did you ever consider that he wanted the video to be all about the art? Come on, just because we live in a society where attention spans are shrinking faster than genitals in a glacial lake, doesn't mean that a almost edit-less video is somehow neglectfully lacking. Think of how long it took to paint the damn mural, that's all the effort or hard work anyone needed to put in. Other than that, interesting thoughts. The song is awesome, and whether or not Aesop 'fits' in his niche, I'd say his music still speaks out for itself. Pigs shouldn't rightfully have a place in this world. Greed and self interest will always shape the world negatively. Hell if they keep trying to make the bucks on fossil fuels, nobody will be around in a few hundred years when climate change catches up to us and fucks our species into oblivion. But when it comes down to it "Is the product mine or yours pig?"


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