Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm A Part-Time Blogger And A Full-Time Friend

Every time I think I'm just gonna be "black" and that's that, caucasians up and do something that pulls me back in and makes me love them all over again. Of my own free will even! ... I think. This time it was the movie Juno. Like the reviews say, it's smart, with heart and all that. And it has a quintessentially hipster-y soundtrack that's cute and oh-so-apropos, but black people over 25 can't listen to except behind closed doors, with headphones, and a gun to shoot yourself before They get you. It's no Eternal Sunshine; it's smart but not as clever, and as far as love stories go I prefer those that focus on the couple and not with forcing kids and preggerdom down my throat. That's where I am in my life. Knahmean, ladies?

The cast is all caucasianed out for the most part (not that there's anything wrong with that!), so it's also a good sample of young white intellect. Any minorities working corporate or creative should see it just for the schmoozing touchpoints. "Heeeeey Bexy. Juno? Yeah, just saw it! OMG, huh?? It took me like 45 minutes to start *getting* the dialogue, but soooo funny. That Ellen Page. I think she's gonna be a good one." Here's a clip of the theme song live, with the anti-folk group The Moldy Peaches, and then the trailer for the movie. Go see it!


  1. Anonymous1/05/2008

    This movie was pretty awesome. But really what 16 yr old wouldn't be happy to be pregnant if she had a cool dad like that, you know! I love those kind of songs. I'm so that black girl who still likes techno & bands like Oasis & the Cranberries & stuff. And still I get laughed at. But I'm proud of my taste in music. Happy New year- Keep bloggin'

  2. Right, there are no black people in Juno and, IRONICALLY, all the white people talk like hip-hop stars from 1985, home slice. I wrote something terribly long about this last week.

  3. I can't even sit through the commercials for this movie. It just reeks of hipstery armpit.


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