Monday, January 14, 2008

The Involuntary Genius of Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan, comedian and celebrity crazy-person, negro edition, nails this pitch-perfect send-up of Jackass.

via: them NK dudes

It's becoming clear that I love a little dysfunction with my artists. I might need to create some sort of Hall of Fame for Dysfunctional Genius-Negroes. R Kelly is an inaugural member. Ol' Dirty Bastard is in there. Some others. Tracy Morgan is working on his stats, but he has a good chance. Even if it's an inadvertent stumbling into a performance, his guest spot here is genius. And I attribute it to Tracy in full. You can not watch this video too many times. Its capacity to entertain is infinite.

"LOVE. It's all love ..."


  1. R Kelly and Tracy Morgan know exactly what they're doing. They aren't the kind of blissfully unaware simpletons that condescending white people love.

    And while Kells is dynfunctional for reals, Tracy's is part of his act. I've seen this do this same act on other TV news shows, and parts of his stand up act are peppered throughout.

  2. Tray is the funniest motherfucker on the planet right now.


  3. Rounder1/14/2008

    Please put Rick James in there. The man deserves his own wing of that joint.

  4. Wow. That 2nd video was craaaaaaaazy. Just like Tracy. Good times.

    But I think the new Trapped In The Closet installments may be just a wee bit crazier. 'Cause those were totally premeditated.

  5. Dying laughing when he shot him for wakin’ him up. I just watched an old clip of chapelle talkn about not falling asleep around white people, because they ll fck around and stick a carrot in your ass or something…

  6. Anonymous3/20/2008


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