Friday, January 25, 2008

The Guardian: Marching on Washington

Esteemed UK newspaper The Guardian canvassed black America to take the pulse on what Obama means to us. Providing readers an interesting range of opinions, and myself the fortunate opportunity of being able to lump my name with people like Chris Rock, Oprah Winfrey, Angela Davis. Mumia Abu-Jamal, Halle Berry, Barbara Heineback and ... TAN.

In search of an excerptible segment, this was the closest I could find. Best imagined with a British accent of course:

Yet I am aware, with all the rhetoric, that Obama's victory could easily become a curse. A beacon that everyone else points out to demonstrate that things are OK for black people, even though the problems in the community will surely outlast the term of the next president, no matter who it is. So while there is no question that Barack is currently a galvanising symbol of change, until he manifests and enacts that change I think black folks are advised to hedge their bets a little. We don't want him to be our black Band-Aid for wounds that require much more serious treatment.

For some reason the Band-Aid line makes me want to go into Eddie Murphy's banana in the tailpipe routine. "We ain't fallin' for no black president in the tailpipe!"

It's true. We're not.

Anyways, yay. UK in the hizzy. Gonna try and hit some fish-n-chips for lunch today. British chicks, holla at ya lad.

Marching on Washington [The Guardian]


  1. I read your quote in the Guardian and followed the link... thanks for your wise words.

  2. ooh, I just realized I'd want to change "black and-aid" to "flesh-colored band-aid." Obama is the color of "flesh-colored" creams and bandages and such.

    Hmm, now I want to advocate for Ebony band-aids, just because.

  3. Anonymous1/30/2008



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