Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Imogen Heap Experience

Wow, this was a nice discovery. I wasn't up on Imogen Heap, but this youtube clip of her making awesome for 103.1 FM (apparently) is pretty cool.

Besides being a wonderful introduction to an artist, I like this clip because it's a great example of the music-making process creating wonderful content. Even if the song isn't your cup of tea, the first couple minutes watching her create something out of nothing are still compelling.

All new artists should be recording video footage of them making their music if at all possible. There's little downside to having the clips to play with, and a little video demo like this might give a track that extra oomph in connecting people with your music. I'm all about Imogen Heap now, and it's because of this clip.

thanks: Lucy


  1. Did you ever see the 'Dear Sister" skip on Saturday night live? They used IH's "Hide and seek" track to comic effect in that one and it's classic. There are tons of spoofs of it on Youtube, too bad NBC took down the original

  2. Been a fan of her for a minute now. First track I ever heard was this joint called Cumulus. She doesn't sing on it, but it's powerful.

  3. That was very cool. My kid's music teacher does similar stuff with Kindergarten-5th graders. That may sound trite, but she (and the kids) come up with some amazing things... only they do it with percussion instruments and their voices. Pretty freakin' cool. Makes your hair stand on end.

  4. Random Black guy1/15/2008

    I'm a fan of Imogen Heap (yeah i'm black). My introduction to Imogen was when she was part of a now disolved duo called 'Frou Frou' who released a track called 'Let Go' Tan you should check this track out. And while you are on it, check out a track called 'Steppin Out' by Kaskade. Cheers!

  5. i woke up to Just for Now this morning on my dream machine shuffle. can't get enough of her. so great to see this video and how the hell she does that sampling, thanks tan. i love her even more now.

  6. ever since garden state when that song "let go" was featured on the soundtrack, i love me some imo. she's friggin' wikked.


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