Tuesday, January 22, 2008

From Norm! ... to Jimmy

Great find by Bill Simmons here, a medley of Norm from Cheers clips.

So via contractual obligation I was compelled to think of the black analogue for "Norm," and I thought maybe JJ from Good Times, a clip of him doing Dy-No-Mite! in all different episodes/scenarios would be appropriate. I couldn't find that, but I discovered this CLASSICALLY HORRIBLE interview between Jimmy Walker and David Letterman :

Wow. I found that to be fairly amazing (young Dave looks very Jimmy Kimmel-ish in that clip). It starts getting good around 2:13 where JJ thanks the crowd for no reason, and you see Dave deciding whether he's going to comment on it. He does, and then it's great from there with another highlight coming at the 3:00 mark, when JJ drops a "regular years-to-drug years" joke about Keith Richards. Another good spot comes at 3:50 when JJ starts the worst perfume joke ever.

This is bad enough that you'd want to give him a pass, just an off night, but here's a recent appearance and he's doing the same schtick:

So now I think I'm obsessed with Jimmy Walker.

To leave on a happier note, here's a Good Times episode with spanish subtitles. Dy-no-mite!

here's Part 2. Great episode dealing with porn and sexism! This makes me want the DVD box set.

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  1. That was hilarious/painful.

    I'm fascinated with Michael Winslow, a.k.a. Jones from "Police Academy." If you get the chance, check out his stand up special/documentary "Michael Winslow Live." Worst comedy routine I've ever seen, yet oddly captivating. No rhyme or reason, just random sound effects strung together.


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