Monday, January 07, 2008

How To Blog: Slavery Amusement Park

Wanna blog like a pro? Let TAN show you how!

Step #1: Find an interesting piece of news; for example this article on an apparent Slavery Amusement Park.

Step #2: Find an angle/spin that connects the news with your particular niche/audience (don't forget to sprinkle in the smart/funny!):

Gawker/Vulture/Wired set: Rabid fans of The Wire looking to up the ante on Understanding Black People, and in need of more than a weekly fix of the drug known only as "Black Meth [odology?]" (also available in: Hip Hop, Def Comedy Jam, Obama???) might want to invest in this Haitian theme park that will allow tourists to "play the part of a slave for 12 hours" ....

Jezebel/Glamour/Bust: No mention of the Rape Romper Room in the plans for this Haitian-based American-owned Slavery Theme Park; gawd, looks like we can't get an authentic female perspective even when we re-enact historical tragedy/genocide ... whatever, it's all men's fault anyway!

Perez/TMZ/Star: OMG OMG! We've found the new must-do activity for Shitney Spears/Lindsey Hohan/Paris Hilton (PH is ok in my book), and they're totesies gonna LUV IT. Slavery Re-enactment! For a day! In Haiti!! It's like going to jail, but hardcorer .... we give this idea 4 Unwanted Spears Babies out of 5

Step #3: Link your sources.

'Slave for a day' event []

(if you found the news on competitor blogs, make their link smaller)
via: Stereohyped and Racialicious


  1. Blue Rose or Rosa Azul1/12/2008

    You're very funny!I enjoyed this post.I will make your link smaller...kisses!

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