Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stevie Wonder: Blindingly Funny

Sucky headline? It doesn't matter really, because look: Stevie!

There should be a holiday in Stevie's honor. Seriously. How do we get that started? If it's too gauche to give holidays to individuals now, then let's make it Blind People Day or something. Why not? This feels like it should be setting up some joke. But no jokes. Real life. If you would protest blind people getting a holiday, raise your hand. And if we get a BP Day we might as well make it Stevie Day cause Stevie Wonder, at the least, has to be the greatest blind person ever. Right? Is that naive or ignorant of me to say? Is it not true? Are there other blind A-list talents? It's possible I could be a naive and ignorant blindist. I'm open to that. I'm going by Helen Keller personally, it seems her name still carries a lot of weight. And Stevie's leaps and bounds beyond her, right? But if someone evaluated black people according to some Frederick Douglass metric, I would be a little disappointed in that. So maybe I don't know. But regardless the refererence, the point is that Stevie comes before Keller in the pantheon of important blind people. I mean, dude's doing sketch comedy here. What blind person holds it down like that? I wonder if HK could maintain a strong comedic presence on a show like SNL. I guess that's the beauty of these times, HK would certainly have the tools to do her thing. A hardcore young, talented blind person's blog might be kind of hot. Especially if it were like a female Stevie Wonder type.... Incidentally, I would date a female Stevie Wonder. Just, y'know, FYI ... if you're out there reading this. Or whatever. Feel free to holla.

More Stevie being funny:

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  1. Ray Charles is good too. And he was pretty funny in "The Blues Brothers." Plus, he's older than I am. That counts, you know.

  2. Anonymous1/11/2008


  3. There's Ray Charles and Homer.

  4. barbelle1/12/2008

    Yeah, I'm gonna go with Ray Charles here, especially since he was one of Stevie's major inspirations.

  5. Ray Charles did drama too, I remember he was on "St. Elsewhere" back in the day.


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