Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Are You A Native NYer?????

If so, then undoubtedly you are wise beyond your years....

And if you are wise beyond your years, then you should know about this party, held once a month.

there are three things that make this party great.

#1 - Cover = $1

#2 - Drink Specials - $3 - $4

#3 - as if the reasons could get any better -- only NATIVE NEW YORKERS allowed

First Monday of the month, certainly something to do ... four years running. She holds it all around the city, so you have to e-mail for location and password.

For those who are a no-go for admission (yes, you count too), you may want to visit her "Past Passwords" section for a great collection of NY trivia/history. Natives can go for the reminisce-orama ....

NYC Magic Garden

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