Monday, September 26, 2005

Kate Moss - 100% AN Approved

Well first and foremost, this is our first time breaking out the AN (short for Assimilated Negro) acronym. Which I guess means we actually broke out the ANA … but … well…yeah.
Anyways, sometimes the AN lifestyle is pretty insular … so I’m a little late on the Kate Moss roast ... but you know, better late, than way too late ... so here are some lines for snorting:

Thought #1 -- I'm wondering how long until Kate’s on the Surreal Life? Over/Under for which season she’ll appear on is – 7.

Thought #2 -- Don't look now, but those lines are fatter than she is *buh-dum-bum* (is that how you spell rim-shot?)

Thought #3 -- I forgot...

Thought #4 -- If she wants to become a legend, she should kill herself. Right now. Opportunity is knocking. Change the world.

Thought #1 -- Is she looking to date black guys now?

Life Lesson #42 - If Johnny Depp is your boyfriend, hang on for dear life.

Thought #10 -- Who remembers this line?
“chances slimmer than that chick in Calvin Klein pants’s” [sic]
– Jay-Z “Friend or Foe”

Headline #2 -- Kate Moss: Six Months Pregnant

Thought #2 - I mean, do you think a regular guy, with a blog, like you, OR ME, could like, you know, get with her now?

Thought #12 - The “Kate Moss Diet” oddly enough does not require you to actually eat moss of any kind.

Quote #1 - “At least I don’t take steroids and lie about it.”

Quote #2 - "No Kate. I don’t think you want to ride The Cyclone ... "

New Game - "Where's Kate?" (from the makers of "Where's Waldo")

Seriously, ummm anyone know if she’s dating black guys ...

*this post was conceived, written, and edited in 8.2 seconds according to SmartPost™*


  1. What's an AN?

    Seal is a god.

    mmmm skinny, farting white women ....mmmmm

  2. Now every time I think of Kate Moss, I'm going to think of my 12 year old neighbor and his fart jokes.

  3. Anonymous3/09/2008

    what the HELL is this all about... ?


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