Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We're Just About To Get Started. Trust Me.

YEEE-HAAAA that’s right turkeys, The Assimilated Negro is in the building. Hold your blunt cracker! Don’t trade that stock yet my niggy! We got a lot to talk about.


So this is the beginning of my b-l-o-g, also known as the end of the world as we know it. Fittingly we start in the middle, as I right this in real time somewhere in the midst of Act II of the story of my life. Act I ended on 8/18/05 … but more on that later

I’m hoping this b-l-o-g will serve many purposes...

First off, I’m a writer, so obviously a writer needs an outlet for writing.

I’m also a performing hip hop artist, but since I haven’t sold crack, or been shot (though I have had a bullet just miss my head) I feel I need to explain myself. I mean, I went to boarding school. People who went to boarding school become writers all the time, but they don’t become rappers. Right?? Well in the posts to follow we will explore this dastardly conundrum of the mind, body, and soul. We’ll also explore sports, philosophy, the progress of my creative/commercial endeavors, and platypus mating habits. There won’t be much cooking. Not much politics, at least not much of the government variety. Nor any quilting, crochet, or anything dealing with needles and yarn or other fabrics.

Since this is my fifth post and I have yet to move out of “introduction” mode. I will end this stage of the b-l-o-g now, and start posting actual content from heretoforwith.


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