Thursday, September 22, 2005

Blue Notes -- "My Name's Not" (audio)

"My Name's Not" is an obvious parody on "My Name Is" by Eminem.

It's been a polarizing selection from the catalogue over the years. People either get with the program and love the tongue-in-cheekery ... or they say "what the hell is this" ... especially in shows after you've just done a real serious/hardcore song.

There's also been an interesting lifecycle, where when it was first done, not terribly long after the initial Eminem breaks into hip hop phase, it was nice. Then there was a period, where it was like, "who the f*ck are you to do be doing a parody of Eminem, our lord, god, and saviour." Now time has passed, and Eminemers have some perspective, I think this bit has held up well.

"I'm so obsessed, I vish I vas a honkey ..."

holla ...

where's the lyrics?


  1. Anonymous9/22/2005

    dude this is so funny. I havent used it in a while but rotflmao!!

    I think I'm gonna bookmark you.

    l8r sk8r

  2. Anonymous3/27/2007

    this is soooooo funny!.......


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