Friday, September 30, 2005

The T.A.N. Blog Is The Greatest!! Other Blogs Are Crap!!

You can't always believe what you read. But you should believe this.

I've only been "live" for a couple weeks now, but I've looked all over the internet, and come to discover that in fact this blog is, in a word, amazing. And other blogs are, in a word, doo-doo (that's one word, right?)

I was going to write a long elaborate post to support this axiom of life, but realized that visual proof would probably mean a lot more in this instance.

And so, here it is ... a thousand words of proof ...

TAN = Great // Others = Poop


  1. My nightmares are usually about me being killed/attacked or someone close to me being killed/attacked, and are very realistic.

    The scripting is just my way of escaping. I like to play with computer languages like HTML, CSS, Java, etc.

    I'm the same way with the lacking sleep. I try avoiding conversations with people when I'm without.

    Great image. I hope my blog isn't amongst the "doo-doo" list. ;)

  2. What the hell, Negro.
    How you gonna make fun of people with that kind of foot wear?
    Strap-up sandals and (BLUE!) socks?

    Damn, son. Damn.

    You need to un-assimilate a little and get yourself some Nikes.

  3. hold on son. We just met, and you definitely my niggy, fo sho, but slow your roll...

    The blue-checkered Reefs and blue ankle-socks represent New Millennium branding. You gotta get up on this...

    While I assert my dominance over other blogs, only worthy of a toilet bowl, let alone such a splendid view of my arse, I am also reppin' the hip hop collective that epitomizes style & substance, skills & panache, flight & fancy ... The Blue Room.

    Lest we forget, I grab the mic on occasion

    blue socks and reefs means The Blue Room is in the building.

    You got jokes?

    I just learned how to embed links today.


  4. of course anyone who leaves a post here, should consider their blog "off camera" ... only the crappy blogs are depicted in this photo.

    Presuming when you comment you're not trying to herb me or something.

  5. LOL - There are some really rotten ones out there. I'm glad to get an exception for commenting. I really hate being called cyber-shit!

    Maine sent me over here... in case you're wondering who the sluttily-dressed white girl is...

  6. so you shit shitty blogs? :) How tiring.

  7. goddamn divas always taking ish too literal ...

    but I am tired ...

  8. There's about fifty trillion blogs, and a lot of them are based in Korea and Japan so I don't know what they're about. There are plenty that are just high school girls complaining about not having a boyfriend. Your blog is decent, but it's seriously lacking some anime characters and tales about going to goth clubs. For reals.

  9. Anonymous5/02/2006

    TAN, you are ridiculous

  10. we had spaghetti at our house three times last week!


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