Thursday, September 06, 2007

Black Weblog Award Winners

Black Weblog Award winners have been announced. This year --their first with judges -- TAN was a judge, so I kind of feel like these are my babies. Even though they're all older, bigger, and fresher than me. They're my big old babies. So fresh.

I'll have more on this later ...

Black Weblog Award Winners

j brotherlove has posted some thoughts, he was one of the judges.


  1. yeah i was meaning to come by and say THANK YOU for picking my blog for Best Fictional....cause i just know it was your pick, right? lol.

    i was trying to decide which one was better to win...the popular vote or the judges' pick. i've come to the conclusion after looking at the winners that the judges picked the ones i thought should have won in most categories. so i'm happy.

    feels so good to be flyy. lol.

  2. TAN,

    Thanks for the vote, bruh.

    Winner of Judges Award for "Blog To Watch".


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