Thursday, September 27, 2007

Slate Biting TAN's Ass ... Post

If you look at my Six Asses That Changed America, and Slate's Illustrated History of Buttocks it wouldn't be crazy to think they were two separate, but similarly themed, feature ideas. I did a sillier, bloggy version. And Slate did a slightly more diligent examination.

Of course if you knew that I pitched "Asses that Changed America" to Slate, specifically as a slideshow pictorial ... then, I don't know. It starts looking a little sketchier.

But I'm getting used to others biting my style. As it goes with CBS Sportsline, and Radar, and the world ... so it goes with Slate. And, y'know, they did change my "let's take a quick trip through the history of our dear derriere" to "Oh, that Darling Derrière: A History of the buttocks, in pictures" (italics mine; don't steal them, Slate!).

Anybutt, I'm going to ignore the impulse to add this clip to my press room. I know this sort of thing comes with the territory. I'm just happy that, at least as far as the History of Ass goes, I seem to be in tune with the sensibility of an online magazine that I read and respect. And when you have that sort of personal affirmation, who needs a byline and $$?

Besides I don't write to pay the bills, that's what dating is for.

A history of the buttocks [Slate]
Six Asses that Changed America [TAN]


  1. Anonymous9/27/2007

    The Slate thing is "Most Read" also. Call Al Sharpton, TAN. As soon as Jena 6 is over, you're up.

  2. uh oh. slate trying to swagger-jack you. i still think yours was better. lol.

  3. Anonymous9/28/2007

    A feature on ass and not a black woman to be found.

    Typical fucking Slate.

  4. I love you the most, TAN. What you should do is count down a list of the best of some other body part people tend to ignore: the uvula, perhaps? If Slate rips that one off, I will personally appear to back you up when we appears on TEXAS JUSTICE.

  5. Anonymous9/28/2007

    I just read TAN's not Slate's, but they really didn't include any black people?

    I guess I have to go check it out now.

  6. Anonymous9/28/2007

    Slate is retarded, anyhow. So is anyone who likes it.

  7. Slate don't really dig black people all like that. They go with Debbie Dickerson-types, but you'd be hard pressed to find any black male byline on the site. Kinda like Salon.

  8. Slate don't care about black people.


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